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Last week, one of the bloggers on the Sephora Team over at Beauty and the Blog tried the Perricone 3-Day Facelift Diet and posted her results on the blog. Another bonus benefit came from my co-worker, Heather, who reported she slept better, possibly due to the reduction of caffeine in her diet. Moreover, the Mayo Clinic touts the importance of certain essential fatty acids within the diet, particularly the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish and fish oil products.
The elements of this diet are fairly well-rounded and comprised of lean sources of protein and fresh produce.
Perricone’s diet and plan on sprinkling it throughout the year whenever we want to recalibrate our system, debloat, and get enviably gorgeous skin.
In addition to following the anti inflammatory diet, we suggest starting with Cold Plasma morning and evening followed by the High Potency Collection layered over the Cold Plasma. Congratulations for embracing the anti inflammatory diet and supplements- this will help your skin tremendously! Perricone is already renowned for his popular skin care line and his original anti-inflammatory diet which claims to fight aging and minimize wrinkles from the inside out. Perricone claims that three days are all that's necessary for seeing the advantages of his diet. Plain yogurt is an excellent source of probiotics, and oatmeal can provide the dieter with a gluten-free source of insoluble and soluble fiber.

Perricone believes that the aforementioned foods may be direct causes of inflammation in the body as well as oxidative stress. However, he has recently launched a three day diet plan which also claims to provide a dramatic difference in your skin tone over just a short period of time. He compares this brief dietary endeavor to "a facelift in your kitchen." Though such promises may seem extreme, the science behind Dr. The American Heart Association is well aware of the dietary advantages offered by omega-3 fats and other plant-based monounsaturated oils. His feature book, The Perricone Weight Loss Diet, applies the same anti-inflammatory principles as does his 3 day plan.
This diet requires extreme dedication, but it is not without flavor or merit in its approach.
Being a vet of many spa diets myself, I rearranged my omega-3’s, fatty acids, and leafy greens to suit my tastes. Remember you only eat 500 calories a day, no sugar (nor fake sugars like splenda), 200 grams of meat total, 2 fruits, and 1 bread thing. Though Perricone's recommendations may seem too restrictive for some individuals, the diet is well balanced and clean. Always talk to your health care provider before attempting any dietary chances and keep alert for any allergic reactions that may arise after the eating of unfamiliar foods.

In addition to three full meals, the diet allows for snacking (even before bedtime) on nuts, berries, or yogurt. Keep us posted on your results and join the conversation on our Perricone MD Facebook Page for more advice.
Honestly, I started these drops 4 days ago (2 days of Phase 1, and now I’m on my second day of Phase 2) and I just got on the scale a few minutes ago and I lost 5 pounds in 1 day! If you exercise at least 30 minutes a day also, you could lose even more than 10 pounds a week. The Dr Perricone 3 Day Diet calls for six 8- to 12-ounce servings of water and an additional 2 glasses of water minimum throughout the day. I seriously do think that if everyone followed this diet all the time, we wouldn’t need all these toners and moisturizers and skin products. Perricone also has a not-as-strict 28-Day Fresh Start Challenge diet for a longer-term diet plan on your quest to eat for beauty.
The presentation of s the event is to create asophisticated yet easygoing look which will take you from day to1.

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