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Taking only the best and most natural sources of protein, Paleo Protein has combined the BCAAs and amino acids that your body needs from premium grade beef and egg whites. Protein is what you need when your muscles are struggling to get that strength and size that you want! Very low calorie protein diets (below 400 calories per day) may cause serious illness or death. Hydrolyzed Beef Protein Isolate– A great source of the most complete proteins and minerals you can find containing zinc, selenium, phosphorous, iron and B vitamins. High Grade Egg White Albumin Protein– This high-quality protein contains all of the essential amino acids that your body needs to grow strong muscle.
Each of us at PaleoPro were committed to making a quality product for various reasons – dietary restrictions, CrossFit addictions, lifestyle choices – but it all boiled down to a desire to know exactly what we were putting in our bodies.
Oh, and it had to be high in easily digestible protein, easy on the stomach, and taste amazing. Whole Egg Protein provides an excellent combination and profile of amino acids as well as a high level of sulfur which is essential to various hormonal pathways within the body.

Egg White Protein is made by removing the yolk and then converting the egg white product in powdered form. Beef Protein Isolate contains a protein and amino acid content that even rivals most whey protein isolates! You may just not be getting enough protein in your diet to feed your muscles so that they can increase in strength and size.
That’s why MHP’s Paleo Protein is the perfect solution to your muscle building problems! The Paleolithic diet has become more popular and effective and so MHP has designed Paleo Protein to follow that diet. Designed especially for athletes and bodybuilders, Paleo Protein is great as a post-workout shake. Our Beef Protein Isolate has been produced by boiling down beef flesh, skimming the fat, drying the remaining aminos, and then spray-drying them for easy mixibility. Specifically designed for hardcore athletes and bodybuilders, this power packed formula not only provides you with high-quality protein but it also has an amazing taste!

With Beef and Egg White protein, it falls under the required categories for a successful Paleolithic diet.
Building lean muscle with 20g of protein in every single serving, this product is great for anyone who wants to build up strong and lean muscle and recover quickly from every workout! There is no sugar, fat, gluten, lactose, and no artificial sweeteners or flavors for the most protein-packed powder for your diet that you can ever have. The nozzle vaporizes the mixture into droplets which are instantly dried into little powder particles!

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