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We have mixed feelings about the paleo dietВ for several reasons, one of them being that the diet is so dang heavy in meat. You’re coming across as rude and you make a lot of assumptions about people who eat Paleo.
Feel free to switch out the vegetables or cheese for those you like, add some beans or shredded chicken of your family is particularly carnivorous, or even use flour tortillas if you don’t have (or like) corn. It appears this author is not familiar with what the paleo diet is…too bad, I was willing to give it a try, regardless of how offensive the article was written. The first time I made this, I thought it was a tad tortilla-heavy, so I boosted the amount of roasted vegetables, added some fresh spinach and made some thinner corn tortillas from scratch.

I sliced most of the vegetables in in my food processor and it saved time both in chopping and roasting. So, even though most people agree that it’s nearly impossible to be vegetarian and paleo at the same time, we urge you to give Meatless Monday a try. We have cut waaaay down on meat this last year or so and this is exactly the kind of dinner I love.Thanks so much for sharing your recipe and beautiful photos!Cheers! I’m working on reformatting my posts, so not all of the recipes have thumbnail images in the index, but this one does. I followed your recipe to a tee except that I used a can of corn and 2 jalapeno peppers instead of 1 poblano.

It may not be sustainable to eat like this every day, but there are recipes that we think will hold you over ’till Tuesday, when you can get back to your diet of pork chops and steak.

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