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Although where possible, I like to make my own paleo packed lunch and snacks, there are occasions when I simply haven’t got time. It is when these situations happen that portable paleo snacks save me from committing diet disaster! I am pretty certain without these excellent paleo snacks on the market, I would have fallen off the paleo wagon on far more occasions than I would prefer to mention. Therefore, with the year coming to a close I wanted to share with you, the outcome of my quest to find the most delicious paleo snack!
At £2.75 per pack Naked Ape snacks don’t come cheap, however in my view, these packs are worth every penny.

Tags: Banana, Biltong, Food, Fruit, Mark Davis, Nutrition, Paleo, Paleolithic diet, Power Pack. No probs – we found it was nice to have a few easy snack ideas when we first switched to paleo.
You are following the paleo diet, for optimum health and nutrition, and these packs are the best, most balance pieces of portable nutrition you are going to find. Many people struggle with ideas for snacks during the day or they may want a few primal recipes for a party. You can have this on it’s own or add to some roasted nuts and seeds to make a paleo crumble.

We’ve put together a list of our favourite 10 paleo snacks that are fresh and take very little time to prepare.

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