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Paleo Diet Smoothies created by Loren Cordain is the latest paleo recipe book that contains over 200 delicious smoothie recipes, an effective paleo diet plan, and step-by-step instructions that help people understand and follow with ease. Paleo Diet Smoothies book penned by Loren Cordain introduces to people an effective paleo diet plan, over 200 delicious paleo recipes, and step-by-step instructions that help them cook delicious meals for their family. One of the coolest things about releasing new books (like the one I have coming out in TWO WEEKS!!) is how much free stuff I get to give away.
As I announced early last week, I am releasing a new book on weight loss for women (huzzah!!) on January 1, 2015. Six Reasons I Don’t Eat NutsSep 02, 201423 Comments18441 ViewsNuts are big time winners in the paleosphere, or at least bigger than I would expect. This book also introduces to people cooking techniques, healthy ingredients, cooking methods, tips, and detailed instructions that assist them in cooking delicious meals for their family. In addition, in this book, people will get natural recipes that help them lose their weight, increase their metabolism, improve mental clarity, reduce their risk of disease, and get their kids to eat a balanced diet.

In addition, the book consists of a combination of fruits, vegetables, seafood, lean meats, and nuts. In addition, in this book, people will discover ways to build lean muscle mass, ways to burn body fat, ways to boost their brain, and ways to enhance their mood.
Furthermore, people will get 4 bonuses from Loren Cordain when ordering this book such as the “Paleo Foods Chart” book, the “Glycemic Loads Foods Chart” book, the “Essential Nutrients and Their Sources” book, and the “Protein Powder for the Paleo Diet” book. Packed with vitamin K, magnesium, and other nutrients its hard to get even on a strict paleo diet.
Furthermore, the book reveals to people a secret recipe that will help them become healthier, stronger, more energetic, wiser, younger looking, smarter, and more disease resistant.
Moreover, Loren Cordain provides people with 2 additional gifts such as the “alkalinizing foods” book, and the “Power of Phytonutrients” book.
Moreover, with this book, people will get step-by-step diet plans that they can use for attaining their ideal weight and achieving balanced energy throughout the day.

After Loren Cordain launched the “Paleo Diet Smoothies” book, a lot of customers have used it for improving their cooking skills, and becoming experienced home chefs. A little while ago I was standing in front of a camera, talking about a yogic diet and creating smoothies.
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