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I have been into plantains for a while now and am waiting on the arrival of plantain flour!!! Just place the plantain in boiling water for five mins after scoring and cutting off the ends.
Getting dry plantains is luck of the draw, but really green with no yellow is the way to go. I have so many great paleo dip recipes, but I’d like something other than vegetables to dip in it!
Plantain Rice from Inspiralized, made with a vegetable spiralizer, is a grain-free alternative to regular rice.
These Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies from Created To Be Paleo use fresh plantain and plantain flour, which can be found here. Ripe plantains are more of a sweet side dish,they are really good baked with cinnamon and butter.

I love baking with plantains but have recently discovered that eating them when they are yellow or black makes my SIBO flare. I have yet to cook with plantain but definitely going to try and get hold of some – who would have thought you could do some much with it! I could then roll it out on parchment paper with plastic wrap on top and could achieve the traditional tortilla type form. Plantain, which is available in most large grocery stores as well as Hispanic markets, is a starchy fruit that looks like a banana. With these simple recipes, you can skip the majority of those unusual flours and rely on the unique baking properties of plantains. I was *just* about to do a search on plantain recipes and decided to visit your site first & bingo.
I tried plantain sandwich bread from Purely Twins and plantain crackers a couple of months ago and I am hooked.

I would fry the plantains or bake them with other gluten-free flours to make a pita bread thing and then eat these things when they’ve cooled. I'm sure you can make tortillas with plantain flour, though I have not experimented with it myself.
Bananas and plantains may look similar, but when it comes to versatility, plantains are the clear winner.
I don't suppose that will necessarily help for "Mexican tortillas", but it think it creates great breads. If a recipe calls for ripe (nearly black) plantains, do not substitute yellow or green ones.

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