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This cookie is chewy, chocolately goodness, with all-natural sweeteners, and is grain-free. Sprinkle the dry ingredients (cocoa, almond flour, and baking soda) evenly over the top and mix those in as well.
Grease a cookie sheet with coconut oil — use your fingers so the batter won't stick to them, either!
Mikko's favorite cookies are rich peanut butter cookies, and this is a nut (almond) butter version of the same. In retrospect, I realized that cashew butter has less fat than almond butter--so I probably should have added some butter or oil.Because of that, they turned out a little dry, but I love them anyhow!

Was looking for healthy cookie and although the honey adds sugar i didnt feel nearly as guilty eating these.
You could grind your own almonds to make the almond flour, or you could see if it's available online where you are. If you feel like you overindulged over the holidays, enjoy the subtle sweetness, rich nutty taste, and cakey texture as you tell yourself they're "health cookies." Yeah, that's it. Let us know if it works!Just a note that you can pretty easily make your own almond butter: Buy almonds and grind them up in a blender or food processor.
More for me.) These cookies taste good even if you're not into being paleo, so anyone can enjoy them (except Mikko).

For us, almond butter is next to the peanut butter at the regular grocery store, and the natural foods store has a ton of different options.
Almost a cakey brownie consistency (which is most certainly not a bad thing, we love our cookies chewy). I started my paleo-ish food journey a few months ago and although I no longer crave sweets the way I used to (my main reason for going paleo) I still need some treats every once in a while.

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