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Here are ten paleo recipes for kids and picky eaters that are more than likely to go down well at meal times. Michele Rosen recipe is a paleo take on a cake sweetened with organic coconut sugar and spiced up with cinnamon and ginger. Ensuring fussy eaters eat healthy doesn’t always require complicated recipes or juggling quantities. Katie aka the Wellness Mama, provides a few common-sense rules to cure picky eating in this post and reminds us to focus on nutrient dense foods and to keep trying to encourage fussy eaters.
Getting fussy eaters to transition over to a paleo diet can pose some special challenges especially of they are averse to unfamiliar foods. A big challenge when moving over to the paleo diet is what to pack your kids for lunch at school. Elena Amsterdam has a bunch of great snack recipes for picky eaters listed in this post that are both grain free and gluten free.
Katie G also provides insights and tips into making paleo school lunches for the kids beyond that of sandwiches. The recipe for Rosemary Aioli and Kaleidoscope fries offers a tasty alternative to traditional fries and the base template for you to try out other root vegetables and tubers like yuca (cassava), turnips, parsnips or jicama fro example.

Sometimes kids are picky eaters but whether they are or not, if they are on a Paleo diet finding something the kids will eat for lunch could be a real hard task. Paleo Recipes For The Picky Eater: Paleo Recipes For When You Just Want Something Different! The paleo mom provides some tips like starting with familiar foods and progressing on to almost paleo foods etc to help with the transition. If they are used to having sandwiches you could try making paleo bread but Kendra Benson provides a few great vegetable and fruit options with snacks on the side that most kids could grow to like. The practice of using paleo approved ingredients to recreate modern processed addictive foods is looked down upon by some people. It’s moist and chocolatey and to top it off there is a paleo chocolate ganache that you can use as a topping as well. Another challenge with keeping up with a paleo diet especially on a week night is knowing what you can whip up quickly. Remember with fussy eaters being presented the item is the first step to trying new or different foods. In fact Mark recommends what many people probably are already aware of – which is to focus on strategic substitutions for example grass fed hot dogs without the buns is likely to win over most kids.

Finding something that goes down your picky eater without a battle is not easy and can be a trial and error process that requires infinite amounts of patience. You can’t go wrong with this as it just requires mango and can work for both adults and kids.
While there is no discernible reason as to why some kids a fussy eaters the Primalist does offer ten tips to help with picky eaters. The first picture is a link to another post I made that has 115 recipes for kids that they could have any time of the day.
I hope these recipes help make your life more simple and easier for you to find Paleo recipes for kids. There is nothing wrong with the occasional paleo baked treat especially if it helps you maintain your eating plan without any major lapses that can be detrimental to your health in the long term.

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