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In keeping with this blog’s theme of providing practical strategies to help you keep paleo in a non-paleo world, healthy cooking afficionado Rachel Albert has written a post to help you with healthy food prep for the week ahead.
To get a running start for the week, set aside a four-hour block of time on Saturday or Sunday.
Instead, your goal is to turn your refrigerator into a healthy salad bar and deli so that it is set up for the first half to three-quarters of the week. Wash, dry, and chop an assortment of colorful vegetables for steaming, stir frying, simmering, sauteing, parboiling, or tossing into salads.
Attach small squares of paper with rubber bands or use masking tape and indelible markers to note contents and date perishable items so you don’t keep foods around past their prime.
Every day or two, transfer one or two packages of fish, poultry, or meat from the freezer (or grocery bags) to cake pans, loaf pans, or pie plates on a designated meat shelf with two or three meals in mind. I am a paleo, clutter-averse writer, blogger, life coach, T-Tapper, Brit, California resident, apparently conventional mom of twin boys who is, in fact, a superhero.
In the previous post, we discussed a few lessons about paleo zone that I learned the hard way.
Monday-Friday: Enjoy the fruits of your labor by simply reheating your preservative-free fridge and freezer meals throughout the week. Broccoli: Add some oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and coconut aminos into a bowl with the broccoli. Sweet Potato: Cut into wedges, add oil and seasonings (I like paprika or rosemary), cook at 350 for 20 minutes, and then at 400 for 20 minutes. SnacksВ like plantain chips, guacamole, apples, bananas, kale chips, and other snacks are great for on-the-go. Help Fund Mangia PaleoYour donation allows me to continue to share my recipes and paleo knowledge with you.

One solution is to shop, chop, prep, and cook food in advance of meals, before you’re ready to reach for whatever processed, packaged, and preserved food is within easy reach.
But don’t toss those jars––they’re perfect for storing chopped raw or parboiled vegetables, salad dressings, sauces, marinades, raw or toasted nuts, seeds, shredded coconut, melon or pineapple cubes, broth and stock in the fridge, and for shelving dried herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables, and baking supplies. Rinse greens in a bowl, drain, whirl dry in a salad spinner, then stash the container on the top shelf of the fridge. After cooking, transfer another package to the refrigerator to allow ample time for thawing. Do the same when you roast, bake, simmer, or grill roots, tubers, winter squashes, bell peppers, and onions. Dry toast two kinds of nuts and refrigerate in glass jars, then chop or crumble and sprinkle over fruit and vegetable salads, hot cereal, yogurt, poached fruit, baked squash, or roasted root vegetables. She aims to share ideas, inspire and motivate readers by teaching them how to live paleo in a non-paleo world.
Since the veggies eating experience relies a lot on texture, I’d avoid freezing these dishes (with the exception of perhaps a veggie soup) and simply make these every week.
Massage gently, then spread it on a cookie sheet and place it in the oven at 400 for 30 minutes. Take all of your favorite ingredients and throw them in a crockpot for a minimum of 4 hours.
For example, plan out what you can heat in the microwave versus what you can cook on the stove.
Most of the time if you feel hungry but are eating nutrient dense foods it actually means you’re thirsty. I’ll have a spaghetti squash casserole recipe posting up in the next few weeks or so!

Including recipe and meal ideas is especially helpful as I find people become overwhelmed by the idea of prepping, yet when given some simple suggestions, are more excited to try. If your refrigerator is amply stocked with fresh foods, you’re more apt to eat them than processed foods. She is also the author of the bestselling book, The Modern, No-Nonsense Guide to Paleo, a unique tool that gives the reader hundreds of strategies to navigate the learning process to successful paleo living.
These can include leaf vegetables (kale, spinach), root veggies (carrots, beets, sweet potato) and flower veggies (asparagus, cauliflower). Most veggies can be cooked in the microwave, like a whole sweet potato, while chicken roasts in the oven and you’re sauteingВ some greens on the stove-top. The Modern, No-Nonsense Guide to Paleo provides practical tools to ease the transition to a full-on paleo life. An option would be putting each portion in a sandwich size bag, labeling, and laying it flat in the freezer.
Prepare your all food before cooking.В That way you are only focusing on one thing at a time.
Each chapter includes strategies, tips and checklists to identify the actions to power you on your paleo journey and create sustainable change.
TheВ biggest struggle from my readers is finding time to cook AND do everything else in your day. I sleep for 8 hours, I work for 8 hours, and with commuting, CrossFit,В and chores there’s barely any time left in the day to cook.

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