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Protein has gotten a power boost of its own by "Paleo" diet trends and the return of low-carb eating. But we found out something amazing, whether you have to eat gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, MSG-free, corn-free, you name it, you can not only survive Disneyland when you’ve got a serious allergy or diet, you can have DELICIOUS meals to satisfy any foodie. So if you or your loved ones have ANY kind of special diet or food allergy – Disney can work their magic for you! We had the pleasure of getting to hang out with Chef de Cuisine Bill Orton who oversees culinary training, chef recruiting and special dietary programs at the Disneyland Resort. We were given easy-to-follow directions for how to plan for delicious dining at Disneyland with special dietary needs.
Guiding us through the menu, his assistant discussed what they could do to help customize our meal for our diet. Now on the Whole30, you steer clear from dessert but we wanted to see what Disney could make based on our dietary restrictions (and because it hurt inside to see the rest of our family eating the ridiculously delicious looking desserts).
Now that we are moving towards Paleo as a way of life we are finding great ways to make that happen at Disneyland.

I’m also pretty strict paleo and the carnation cafe has a pretty amazing burger that you can lose the bun and get with fruit instead of fries. I am starting to think my medical diet is close to the Whole30 plan, and I’m trying to find places that are safe to eat at Disneyland.
Primal Pacs is excited to announce that we are moving to a new, bigger facility to respond to increased demand. While we need to be clear that not every packaged food making a protein claim would fit into those diet categories, nevertheless buzz makes a trend and the food companies are on it. Be sure to check back on DisneyExaminer soon as we continue our Paleo journey at Disney California Adventure Park with more restaurants, more delicious food shots, and Disney fun. We made breakfast at the rental packed lunch in an ice chest and brought in snacks usually ate dinner outside the park. The Primal Pac brand also carries packages of just the jerky for those athletes and people on the go looking for a boost of healthy, nutrient dense protein. The protein claim works especially well for snack and convenience brands, offering consumers a way to easily and conveniently raise their protein consumption, and offering producers a way to boost the perceived value and appeal of their products.

The packaging features a bold design that could certainly appeal to young adults as well as help drive male appeal. Also, completely self- imposed dietary restrictions are a faux problem, especially compared to those experienced by people who have restrictions due to a real medical need. Heading to Disney World in a few weeks…been Paleo for about 2 years and will be finishing up our first Whole30 BEFORE we get there! I’ve never had an issue bringing snacks in and we brought full on premade paleo meals.

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