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If, like me, you have never been a slow cooker fan, this is the book that you need to change your mind and broaden your horizons when it comes to cheap, easy Paleo meals.
But Paleo sweets, treats and grain free goodies have a way of sneaking into people’s diets even though they are nutritionally sub-optimal AND expensive.
Your enthusiasm and wonderful tips are so refreshing and enlightening to someone, like myself, that is still quite new to eating Paleo. Things like almond flour, coconut products and fancy starches really do pack a hefty financial punch, plus these kinds of recipes are often heavy on eggs which also add $ quickly. I didn’t mind the heat of the stove or the multiple steps of some of my favorite recipes.

But then I got my hands on a beautiful hard cover copy of The Paleo Slow Cooker and I was hooked! Because I really don’t think the slow cooker will be abandoned in my kitchen ever again, courtesy of The Paleo Slow Cooker. I also generally find that wild caught seafood can be even cheaper, especially if you can buy it in bulk or frozen, and make for quick, easy paleo meals.
My favorite recipe so far HAS to be the fantastic Jambalaya, packed with chicken, sausage, shrimp and amazing Cajun flavor. Until I realized just how versatile the slow cooker could be in making easy Paleo meals, with a little help (ok, a LOT of help) from Arsy atВ Rubies and Radishes.

Not me any longer: the slow cooker is the perfect tool to simplify your life and create easy Paleo meals.

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