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She was referring to the very popular Paleolithic Diet, named and initially popularized by Loren Cordaine, PhD.В В  I knew very little about it at that time, so bought a copy of The Paleo Diet Cookbook and reviewed its contents.
The Paleo Diet is based upon everyday, modern foods that mimic the food groups of our pre-agricultural, hunter-gatherer ancestors. I always find it funny how somewhere in the middle of all these articles they grudgingly accept that the diet works.
I think the easiest question is that I lived my life not knowing about paleo until I was in my mid 30's. One of the most common refrains I hear about Paleo is that it is too difficult to maintain. Last year my first foray into paleo was new and scary territory with lots of questions and planning. Haven't cheated except for one breakfast in which I ordered a Western Omelette and it had cheese in it - this falls under the "don't sweat the small stuff" mantra to the diet. Willpower is one thing, like I mentioned before, and that willpower is basically going to be focused on reducing the bad foods that I mentioned above. I actually was pretty paleo friendly ordering the fixed price meal there and getting a fish appetizer (and nearly choking on a fish bone) and having the steak for dinner (normally I wouldn't order a steak at a seafood restaurant, but this sirloin was highly recommended - and best I have had in years!).
Let me lay out exactly what's wrong with that attitude and exactly what's wrong with our society when it comes to food.
Now that i'm doing the paleo diet, i'm not going to turn into some born again diet freak shouting from the rooftops that we should not eat breads, pasta, sugars. What has surprised me most after a week of eating Paleo, is how my food cravings have been fairly low. Listening to people fret over the idea of not being able to eat their favorite foods anymore sort of reminded me when I quit smoking cigarettes. Whatever the same pleasure receptors we have in our head for cigarettes must be tied to food. But I kept reading about others doing the Paleo Diet and having remarkable results while doing Crossfit. I decided that it's a new year, a new diet, and going to eat, starting on Monday 100% Paleo for 7 days a week.
So it appears that not only will I be on the diet for 45 days, but also on the wagon for 45 days.
I have put in my order with FreshDirect yesterday, and using a diet plan from Robb Wolf's "The Paleo Solution". The Paleo Diet is a relatively underground phenomenon, but it is quietly spreading within the ranks of serious endurance athletes. There is, in fact, some pretty good evidence that our bodies do not use post-Paleolithic foods as well as earlier ones.
For example, while grain eaters generally have poorer health than those who avoid this food group, grains in general are not to blame. As for dairy, many adults cannot properly digest dairy foods because of a genetically based lactose intolerance that is directly associated with the absence of dairy foods from our ancestral diets.
There are plenty of anecdotal reports of improvements in body composition and energy levels in athletes who switch to the Paleo Diet. The Paleo diet is an effort to eat similar to the hunters and gatherers that lived thousands of years ago, who literally just ate everything that they could find. Unlike most other fad diets that usually fail, Paleo has a clear inspiration and legit reason for showing up. The foods that you can enjoy in this diet are basically anything that a caveman would have been able to find or gather. The good thing about eating strict Paleo food is that you can basically eat as much as you want and you will eventually find yourself at a healthy weight. The only situation I think the diet would not help, is extremely active athletes who’s goals are to gain a lot of lean muscle and mass. The following seven fundamental characteristics of hunter-gatherer diets will help to optimize your health, minimize your risk of chronic disease, and lose weight. Why does the paleo diet stop humans from drinking the milk from cows, made for baby cows not humans.

I use Foursquare to check in and still get "THAT'S NOT PALEO!" when I check into places like Rita's Ice Cream. Part of me thinks I should try to go another month on Paleo, but allowing for certain Paleo-friendly alcohols like red wine or non-grain grape-distilled vodka on the weekends.
If you want to try it like me, you can by Robb Wolf's Paleo book and follow his 30 day guide, or search for other Paleo cookbooks on Amazon. Having food on hand in a pinch or when it is late and you are hungry and don't feel like chopping, cooking and cleaning up. One, I felt like my old diet plan was good, but most of my weight stabilized, and I wasn't really losing or gaining weight.
Bottom line is that the diet works, i'm halfway through it, but really will see where I am around day 45 before I give it a thumbs up or thumbs down.
Most chefs at any major restaurant can easily tell you that they slather food with butter, salt and sugar.
I remember when I quit smoking, how "drinking wouldn't be the same", "watching football wouldn't be the same", "a cigarette after a meal wouldn't be the same".
I tried to stick to my "Old Diet" while at Crossfit, but was doing it Monday thru Friday 100% clean, but then Saturday & Sunday taking "breaks". You can eat foods that can be hunted and fished, such as meat (steak, chicken, lamb, pork) and seafood (fish, shellfish, etc), and can be gathered, such as vegetables (including mushrooms), fruits, eggs, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices. You are advised to drink mainly water, and some advocates recommend tea as a healthy drink, but alcoholic and fermented beverages are restricted from the diet. The authors believe that we humans are healthiest and function best when we eat exclusively those foods that our ancient ancestors ate during the Paleolithic Age, which covers the entire span of our evolution from roughly 2.5 million years ago to about 12,000 years ago.
Grains and dairy foods are generally frowned upon because they entered the human diet after the Paleolithic Age.
The Paleo Diet is, by modern American standards, extremely restrictive and countercultural. However, the best evidence suggests that those who can digest dairy foods stand to benefit from keeping them in their diet.
However, body composition tends to improve when any sort of effort is made to improve diet quality.
If you don’t end up completely convinced about this diet, you may want to find out if a gluten free diet is right for you. If you are one of these people you probably need more calories than a strict Paleo diet can offer. The funny thing is that the top Crossfit athletes who workout multiple times per day don’t use this diet.
I'm telling you right now that if this was mass produced and available like McDonalds that more people who gladly eat Paleo over the crap that is out there right now. I am very shocked that I went 30 days without alcohol & on Paleo for the second year in a row.
I remember on my old diet it was very repetitive and after three weeks I was DYING for diversity in my meals. I have no doubt if this person kept a food journal they would quickly realize that they were not eating in moderation.
Also I have found this diet to be fairly easy, thanks to Robb Wolf's book The Paleo Solution. In the most basic description, you just want to eat food that we, as humans, were meant to eat before the development of agriculture. It became popular with endurance athletes after a sequel, The Paleo Diet for Athletes, was published three years later. The rationale is that our species evolved adapting to the foods we ate; thus, our genes are specifically designed to use these nutrition sources. So, all in all, the authors make a pretty good case that the Paleo Diet is close to optimal for athletes and non-athletes alike.
For example, diets that include lots of high glycemic index foods like grains are linked to insulin resistance in the general population, but not in regular exercisers. The Paleo Diet is certainly a healthy diet and one that I would encourage any triathlete who thinks he or she can put up with its restrictions to try.

Most of what we can find nowadays is processed foods that are stuffed with chemicals instead of nutrients. I couldn't gain weight if I tried (and trust me, I tried - I did various diets trying to gain weight).
Well, it worked for me and I was still eating pizza, hamburgers, ice cream, pasta and bread - all of those "OH GOD YOU CAN'T EAT THAT" types of food. Sure, I kind of miss some foods, but its more like a wistful thing than i'm-craving-a-cigarette kind of mood. Since Paleo I tried to cut that down, with surfing the net with my iPad and playing games only occasionally.
It's fairly easy to plan, since I started with a few paleo-centric cookbooks to plan out my meals. With the Paleo Challenge from Crossfit, I paid $100, and will get $50 back if I complete the plan for 45 days. Any food types that entered our diet after the main work of our evolution was done cannot be used as efficiently and effectively by our bodies, the authors contend. One study found that insulin sensitivity (which is the opposite of insulin resistance, hence a good thing) increased in obese couch potatoes who were either placed on an exercise program or a low GI diet, but it improved most with exercise and did not improve any more when exercise and a low GI diet were combined.
But you can get similar results from changes that are less drastic than eliminating entire food groups from your diet. Most people would benefit from it because it is probably the most nutrient diet that you can find.
I guar-an-tee you that anyone who does paleo for 30 days will not email me saying it didn't make them feel better after 30 days. I'm at a normal, healthy place and did it by eating Paleo and doing Crossfit 4-5 days a week. Although I can walk into my bedroom and be asleep within 5 minutes on Paleo, so that's a plus.
Otherwise I stuck to the diet, and I do have some "before and after" pictures, but not sure if I want to put them up on the web. I would (hope) that once the diet ends I can just do it during the week, and on the weekends try to "cheat less".
Well, no - pro-Paleo advocates claim that genetically our bodies are virtually the same as they were at the end of the Paleolithic era some 20,000 years ago - and have not adapted to agrarian diets. The Paleo diet revealed will give you a good idea about the good, the bad, and the basics of what you can eat and why. One of the biggest issues I had with Paleo is making food for myself would take 30-45 minutes of prep time, and other 30-45 minutes to cook. If you shoot me an email at philly2hoboken (at) gmail I will share them with my friends and answer any Paleo-centric questions you may have. The goal of the food industry is to pack sugar and salt and spike food like Marlboro spiked nicotine into cigarettes.
The only people who would have trouble with this diet are ones that want to gain weight, or take in a ton of calories. Now I get home from Crossfit, boil water - drop in your entree & side bag of food and its ready in a few minutes.
Appetite suppressant isn't the way to go because it doesn't fix the underlying issue - its the diet, stupid. What makes paleo easier is that when you start to strip away the sugar overload, bland food tastes better. I got the diet down, and been attending all the classes - I may need to hit my condo gym after class and just work on weights on my own.
I have said it once and I will say it a thousand times, try paleo for three weeks and you will see how different you feel for the better.

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