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When switching to the Paleo diet, it can be hard to replace all of your favorite foods and commit to eating clean. This is a just brief guide to considering which types of alcohol are Paleo or not and if you’re interested, there are plenty of apps on the market that can help you determine for certain if foods are Paleo approved or not.
Wheat is definitely not Paleo and beer should not be consumed if you’re trying to maintain the Paleo diet. Many companies are starting to see the potential in gluten-free beer but it will still have a grain base to it. This is probably the best option for you if you want to continue drinking and remain Paleo. However, it takes a long process to turn the agave plant into tequila and that isn’t typically what the Paleo diet is about. One of the main goals of the Paleo diet is to restore your body to its optimal health through the diet of our ancestors.

It is generally considered okay if you’re drinking in moderation, but if you truly want to experience all of the positive effects of Paleo, it’s best to lay off of it and to quit drinking. It is really a great idea to just cut it out of your diet like you did with the rest of the foods that aren’t allowed on the diet. In the end, there are some options available for those who are interested in drinking while on the Paleo diet. Finding great brands to purchase from and using a Paleo app can really help cut down the worry when you want to go out and drink.
Enjoy weekly Paleo Meal Plans and shopping lists that will help you lose weight and start feeling great! You can stick to the Paleo diet while still indulging in beer and wine—just like your ancestors did. There aren’t any beer substitutions on the market, but there are other alcohol options available that are Paleo approved.

Drinking organic red wine contains antioxidants such as resveratrol which can actually be healthy for your body and blood vessels.
During the Paleolithic era, whether humans actively tried to create fermented beverages or not, they certainly drank them. In 1516 a German law called the Reinheitsgebot mandated that beer be made of only these three ingredients.

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