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I know the challenge of finding recipes to fit multiple food restrictions, so I hope this thorough list of egg free paleo recipes will provide welcome variety in your diet. I intentionally omitted a Egg Free Paleo Main Dish section, since it’s much more difficult to find egg free paleo baked goods, breakfast ideas and desserts than main dishes.
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Now I suspect he has leaky gut, and we have been on the GAPS diet for a month, looking at a good 2 years ahead of us, most likely.
A little disappointing that the first recipe I click on from this list of egg-free recipes calls for eggs in it! August 8, 2012 By Suz 44 Comments If it wasn’t for struggling to come up with different Paleo Breakfast Ideas, I’m sure more people would make the transition over to Paleo. With no time to eat at home, these are some Paleo Breakfast ideas you can have on the go, eat on the road or perhaps at work. If you have the time, there are some great Paleo Breakfast Ideas that are perfect for an occasional treat.
It’s easy to make every Paleo Breakfast include eggs – and it can be easy to get fed up of eggs!
If your family has recently gone Paleo, here are a few suggestions your children and toddlers will love! If your diet is more Primal than Paleo and you include some dairy, here are a few Primal Breakfast ideas for you.

I normally skip breakfast and struggle a bit until lunch, might try a few of your choices now though. I do the same as Kirk and skip breakfast but by lunchtime I don’t feel hungry until I start eating then I think I possibly have twice as much as normal, not good. After reading this post I decided to make a different breakfast even if my husband called me a weirdo! Usually I have a few poached eggs with sauteed cherry tomatos, spinach, cabbage etc depending on whats in season and what I have on hand in my fridge. Looking forward to making a breakfast san choy bow without the sugary sauces in lettuce cups later on this week for another change. I’m new to Paleo eating but discovered green apple slices wrapped in thin slices of roast pork. Unfortunately, Breakfast seems to be associated with cereal, toast, bagels, crumpets and sugar laden foods.
And if you want even MORE, check out my very own Paleo Breakfast Recipe book, with over 100 pages of beautifully photographed step-by-step recipes. If you’re after even more, please check out my very own recipe book, the Paleo Breakfast Recipe Book with a recipe to suit every single paleo breakfast situation! Dairy isn’t strict Paleo, but a lot of people who follow a primal or lacto-paleo diet do allow good quality dairy.
If you are interested in a variety of egg free paleo main dish recipes, however, please see my Paleo Main Dish Pinterest Board and Autoimmune Paleo Pinterest Board.

An Autoimmune Paleo protocol removes eggs and nightshades for a period of time to help heal the immune linings especially the small intestine. Make sure you add in fat, perhaps an avocado or some coconut oil and enjoy your breakfast drink!
I’m embraced the Paleo for lunch and dinner, but I am struggling to move beyond my beloved porridge for breakfast.
Some people just get tired of eating eggs everyday for breakfast and are looking for variety.
Love this site and the wealth of information Suze for us aussie paleo peeps, keep up the good work! Since 2009 she has been winning the battle against Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis using a Paleo diet. I know you said you have done a modified gaps diet and I was curious as to whether or not that might be worth a try but looking at the veggies included they are all fodmaps so that stopped me.

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