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Thanks for posting your diet! The part for me that would be hard is because of the no legumes. Many folks, especially those with a specific health history like acne, report that changes and improvement happen slowly.
Contrary to the belief most dermatologists haveВ that lotions solve everything and food solves nothing, there is nothing more powerful for skin health than improving the quality of your diet!
For some of my favorite topical solutions to acne, check outВ theВ antioxidant cleansers, serums,В creamsВ andВ topical probioticsВ I use.
Blood sugar spikes contribute to acne largely because they elicit an insulin response, which in turn spikes testosterone production (in addition to causing inflammation). Because all these hormone irregularities can lead to acne, many women begin taking hormonal birth control in the hope of clearing their skin. I talk about birth control options and how to manage side effects like acne in my quick guide to birth control, here. For this reason, healing your gut and cooling inflammation is perhaps the most powerful step you can take to overcome acne. Both supplemental and topical antioxidant use has been shown to reduce breakouts by as much as 50 percent.В For some of my favorite topical solutions to acne, check out the antioxidant cleansers, serums,В creamsВ andВ topical probioticsВ I use. Many strains of harmful bacteria are present almost exclusively on the skin of people who have acne relative to those who don’t, which demonstrates that bad bacteria are the ones responsible for infecting pores. If you eat a lot of fiber, consider reducing the amount of fiber in your diet, particularly insoluble fiber. Check out my absolute favorite guide for overcoming acne, by the man who taught me the most about acne, Seppo Puusa, here. I’ve been fighting acne since I was 16 (I am now 27) and found antibiotics to be helpful until I realized how damaging they are to my overall system.
Its been 3wks now and honestly, I’ve still got acne, low energy levels and feel a burn in my muscles for days after a workout.
If you eat nutrient-dense foods and support healthy hormone function with an anti-inflammatory diet, on the other hand, your skin will heal, glow, and radiate.

This has a grain of truth to it, since bacteria do play a role, but it is minimal compared to the internal conditions that start acne in the first place.
Insulin resistance, blood sugar spikes stress, starvation diets, or the menstrual cycle are all potential culprits, many of which often occur simultaneously.
If estrogen levels decrease far enough relative to testosterone or DHEA-S, acne often results. Focusing on antioxidants, which fight inflammation, in your diet (such as those found in fruits and vegetables) and in your skincare routine will also go a long way toward soothing your acne. Many dermatologists insist that the key to clear skin is killing off these bacteria, so most topical acne treatments do just that.
Yet even more remarkably, some healthy strains of bacteria are only present on the skin of people who do not have acne. One thing I do wish I could rid myself of is Melasma, after taking birth control since my late teen years and sun exposure I had bad melasma…it has faded somewhat with stopping the BC and also going Paleo.
I switched to spironolactone just over two years ago, which was also successful at eliminating my acne, but I am hoping to get pregnant in the near future, so I stopped taking it and my hormonal birth control.
I also highly recommend supplementing with magneisum, which isn’t a direct acne-influencer, but its easy to be magnesium deficient on a paleo diet (since our soils are so depleted) and you need magnesium in order to keep stress hormone levels in check. I used to have acne too, but as soon as I just got rid of all grains and sugar it disappeared.
Most important for acne sufferers, inside the dermis sit the sebaceous glands, which secrete oil onto the surface of the skin.
It is also possible for progesterone (albeit, while a female sex hormone) to cause acne, and this occurs as a result of the menstrual cycle and birth control pills. For women for whom oil production is a problem, or for whom testosterone levels are already out of balance from insulin resistance and the like, ovulation can cause acne outbreaks. The role bacteria play in acne is much like the role it plays in the gut: there are both “good” and “bad” bacteria on your skin. First, consider the fact that benzoyl peroxide, one of the most popular topical acne treatments available over the counter, reduces antioxidant activity in the skin.

You can develop acne only if you have a significant imbalance between good and bad, which occurs as a result of both topical and internal stressors.
When I was in high school and college, I always had acne around my mouth, particularly on the right side of my face. It’s also possible that you consume more fiber than your gut really wants, which can be a problem on paleo. SO he suggested I read the primal blueprint and download the dietary cure for acne by Loren Cordain.
If you are insulin resistant and experience acne, testosterone is likely a primary contributor to your acne woes. Others never achieve clear skin on birth control, but accept acne as a necessary component of their birth control regimen.
I have a problem with slipping up and having a little bit of cheese or some dark chocolate chips once in a while- so I justify to myself that it could be why I'm not seeing results like you.
The two primary causes of acne are hormone balance and inflammation, and bacteria are only a tertiary concern.
Achieve better hormone balance between testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone by eating an anti-inflammatory, hormone-balancing diet like the Sexy by Nature diet.
I’ve been slowly altering my diet and face-washing regimen over the last year or so, but still have a long way to go (sugar is so addictive!), so balancing my hormones feels like an uphill battle that I may never win. When I started paleo three months ago, I noticed a marked improvement in my acne right away but, more recently, things seem to have worsened again.

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