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Considering that a paleo diet means no grains, a cinnamon roll would seem impossible to have. Perfect for those holiday get togethers, many of your friends or family might not even notice this recipe from Livin’ Paleo Cuisine is made to paleo standards.
Brownies and dessert go hand-in-hand, so it’s natural that there would be a brownie recipe for the paleo dieters.
While some expect the powdered sugar on these types of treats, this paleo-friendly version from Against All Grain has something that is healthier, and tastes better too. This simple 5-ingredient recipe from The Urban Ecolife uses the ripest bananas it can find to make for the sweetest of cakes. Another genius creation from the land of no-bake, this recipe from Primally Inspired certainly lives up to the billing of being easy to make.
This may seem like a very involved recipe from paleOMG, but given the fact that it’s all prep and no cook, you can enjoy the fruits (no pun intended) of your labor immediately. The recipe for this tart comes from Let’s Eat Paleo cookbook by the most delightful two ladies from the The Merrymaker Sisters.
Make sure to check out Let’s Eat Paleo ebook from The Merrymaker Sisters for more delicious recipes and paleo cooking ideas.
Eat Drink Paleo CookbookВ – В a fantastic addition to any kitchen, filled with exclusive recipes, cooking tips and easy guide to paleo.

Some people use flaxseed meal mixed with some water or chia seeds soaked in water but I haven’t tried it in this particular recipe. The organic evaporated powdered cane sugar provides just the right amount of sweet for this tasty dessert that has a rich, creamy lemon filling, and is easy to make.
The recipe from Recreating Happiness will help you fool your friends and family into thinking their eating something unhealthy.
This recipe from Our Paleo Life calls for maple sugar to be used on the caramelized topping, and is of course dairy and gluten free.
The blackberries and raspberries combine to make a sweet and juicy dessert that does not skimp on the health factor.
Through creating delicious, healthy Paleo recipes and sharing health information we've found useful ourselves, we hope you can learn a little bit about how to enjoy a more delicious life. In fact, I gave it to 6-7 people to try and everyone loved it and couldn’t believe that it was actually paleo friendly.
The recipe uses raw hazelnuts but I decide to do a little toasting beforehand to give them richer flavour.
You can still enjoy this Thanksgiving staple even if you're on a gluten-free or Paleo plan! With no added sugar and all-natural ingredients, this reinvented recipe needs to make an appearance at your spread this year.

And on a paleo diet, the idea of having desserts that taste good can be a bit farfetched as well. And the banana turns this low-calorie, high protein snack into a sweet, savory dessert that can be enjoyed any time. This recipe from Around My Family Table is anotherВ of which a mass quantity can be made, assuming you have enough popsicle sticks, as it can be frozen and remain tasty for quite some time. The almond flour used means these are packed with protein, plus the coconut sugar and cinnamon on top makes this dessert extra sweet. The recipe is surprisingly easily to put together, so keep reading for this Thanksgiving dessert. But these recipes prove that you can keep to your diet while still enjoying a delicious, yet healthy, dessert.
I took a few photos along the way to make it even more easy to follow for those of you who get puzzled by dessert recipes like I do.

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