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This cookbook suffers a bit from being one of the earlier entries into the paleo cookbook genre, having come out in 2011. This was the first paleo slow cooker cookbook I tried, and I believe the first one to be published. For those of you who want something spicier (literally), then Arsy’s book is the one for you.
Once you’ve got the basic paleo cooking under your belt, you might be feeling the need to show off your skills to dinner guests or you might want to bring some great paleo snacks along to the next football-watching party you attend.
This book is definitely not for your everyday evening meal, but it is full of amazing recipes that just make you feel satisfied and warm inside. This book is just fun, and it’s all about creating fun food and enjoying it with fun people. I consider this cookbook a specialty book because it is about Southern American cuisine and comfort food done paleo style.
No matter how paleo we try to be, we all have our moments when we want something sweet, or maybe we have a holiday, birthday, or event coming up and we want to bring an indulgence, but not set off all our food allergies. This book stays true to the idea of whole foods and paleo by organizing its recipes according to season.

Sometimes I think it just makes sense that love for paleo eating and love for chocolate go hand in hand.
One of the most common requests we receive are for Whole30-approved recipes.  While we’ve got a ton of recipes listed on our site, sometimes it’s nice to have an actual cookbook to refer to, make notes in, bookmark for future reference. For instance, a cookbook that is great for someone new to the kitchen or new to the paleo lifestyle is different than a cookbook great for someone who likes to throw parties. For that reason, I love giving this one as a gift to people who are contemplating going paleo. This is when paleo cookbooks specializing in baked goods and sweet treats are a wonderful addition to your library. Both can be excellent books and worth the money, but for different reasons and different people.
In my opinion, the recipes tend to be on the simpler side, but that’s a great thing for someone new to the kitchen or paleo.
If you like to throw parties and you miss the pub grub and party food of your pre-paleo days, then buy this book. Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, Whole9 founders, wrote the New York Times bestselling books The Whole30 and It Starts With Food and created the original Whole30В® program.

So thank goodness the last year or so has seen paleo cooks getting in on the slow cooking scene. Also, it should be noted that I originally critiqued the book for proofreading issues and those have been rectified in the new second edition. Those that have been doing things the Paleo way for a while have experienced benefits like lowered cholesterol, lowered blood pressure, healthy weight loss, more energy, and more stable blood sugar levels.However, choosing to go Paleo and finding enough delicious meal options to keep your modern palate satisfied are two different matters altogether.
The goal was to put together a solid, accurate collection of Paleo recipes that contained something for everyone interested in giving the Paleo way of life a go.That said, the Paleo Recipe Cookbook is a solid 395 pages of healthy, mouth-watering goodness. It includes more than 350 different recipes that span 18 categories and are 100% in line with the Paleo Diet.
Like any good cookbook, the Paleo Recipe Cookbook covers it all when it comes to dishes and meal plans.

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