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We love lamb and this Paleo Macadamia Mustard Crusted Lamb Rack is a bit of a show stopper. We will definitely be making our paleo potato salad (drool) and our all time fave roast veggie salad with creamy basil dressing. We made a paleo lamington cake, because we could not be bothered with the cube cutting, choc dipping and coconut rolling. If you want to try a real lamingtons (the cube, dipped in choc type), try this paleo lamington recipe!

Australia Day is usually hot, you’ve got to check out these real life healthy zooper dopers aka fruit icey pops!
TAGSdinnerpaleopaleo Australia Daysweet treats Emma & CarlaWe’re Emma and Carla Papas AKA ‘The Merrymaker Sisters’. Our site will inspire you with real food paleo recipes and show you how to find and follow your bliss! By the end of it she made a great paleo pavlova (and never wanted to make it again!) BUT it wasn’t all kinds of amazing so we’ve made a paleo pavlova look alike and it tastes bloody good!

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