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You could reply the exact same thing to anyone who lost weight and is feeling healthier on the paleo diet. You should read this entry from Mark on the Insulin Index before you post something like that again. And the asthma study Mark linked to mentions Tea as a source of manganese and even as the main reason for the differences found in intake between the asthma patients and the controls. I tried primal and got so stopped up that in the end I spent $400 on a GI specialist that wanted to run test amounting close to $4000 and get on MiraLax daily for the rest of my life.

But some forms of dairy, like yogurt, provide probiotics that help with digestion and even to some degree, nutrient absorption. Essentially, they have no lean tissue and yet they have surprisingly high body fat levels, despite their loose “skin and bones” appearance. Ayurveda is a great starting point for nailing down your constitutional type, which helps choose appropriate foods that will optimize digestion.
I think paleo is dangerous and a waste of money and I feel bad for the people who get sick on it thinking they are helping themselves.

The bottom line is dairy, for those that can tolerate it, can be enjoyed in moderation on the Primal Blueprint diet.

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