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Plant based diet weight loss success stories

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One of the most common requests we receive are for Whole30-approved recipes.  While we’ve got a ton of recipes listed on our site, sometimes it’s nice to have an actual cookbook to refer to, make notes in, bookmark for future reference. Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, Whole9 founders, wrote the New York Times bestselling books The Whole30 and It Starts With Food and created the original Whole30® program. The basic of paleo diet recipes is to eat whole, unprocessed, nutrient-dense, nourishing foods such as pastured meats, eggs, seafood, vegetables.

Paleo diet has been proved to be helpful for weight loss, there’re one user revealed on Doctor OZ show that she has lost 30 pounds at the age of 38.
Palio diet was later more and more popular and favored by many celebrities such as Ray Mears, Megan fox and many others to use it for weight loss and better health.

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