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This entry was posted in Breaking News and Updates and tagged julian bakery paleo bar reviews, julian bakery paleo protein bar reviews, moldy julian bakery paleo bars, moldy paleo bars on February 17, 2015 by Deborah Krueger. This entry was posted in Breaking News and Updates and tagged julian bakery, Julian Bakery Craigslist, julian bakery paleo protein bar reviews, Julian Bakery Protein Bars Being Sold On Craigslist, Julian Bakery Protein Bars On Craigslist, paleo bar reviews on January 22, 2015 by Deborah Krueger.
Julian Bakery was poisoning diabetics one slice of bread at a time, day by day, week by week and year by year.
This is a picture of moldy Paleo Coconut bread uploaded with a review written on Yelp by Andi G. The quote below is during the Heath Squier Panic of 2012 in answer to questions about why Julian Bakery had changed their Smart Carb breads.

Julian Bakery has uploaded literally hundreds if not thousands of videos over the years, let alone saturated the internet with its false advertising. This entry was posted in Side Buttons and tagged are paleo wraps paleo, are paleo wraps stolen, bernie madoff, did heath squire steal coconut wraps, fake paleo food, fake paleo products, false advertising, false labels, heath squier, heath squier deborah krueger, heath squier fraud, heath squier jimmy moore, heath squier video, heath squire, heath squire con, is heath squier a crook, is heath squier for real, is julian bakery a crook, is julian bakery lying, is julians bakery criminal, is julians bread paleo, jason may, julian bakery, julian bakery canceling an order, julian bakery complaints, julian bakery fda, julian bakery fraud, julian bakery jimmy moore, julian bakery lawsuit, julian bakery paleo bar reviews, julian bakery paleo protein bar reviews, julian bakery patent infringement, julian bakery reviews, julian bakery ripoff, julian bakery scam, julians bread lawsuit, low carb bakery, low carb bread, moldy bread, moldy paleo bars, moldy paleo bread, paleo bread, paleo wraps, the primal show heath squier, who is heath squier, whole foods julians paleo bread on June 8, 2013 by Deborah Krueger. Everyone knows Epic for their tasty grass-fed meat and fruit bars but now they've rolled out a new line of Epic Bites including this customer favorite: Uncured Bacon.
With tempting flavors like cinnamon roll and glazed donut its hard not to give these bars a try. They have four Paleo breads and two Carb Zero breads that are now under suspect according to the FDA.

Julian Bakery is known for making great tasting and innovative paleo products and it looks as if these will be no different.

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