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Off each portion of my programs, alcohol elimination received the highest rate of opposition. CUTTING THE LINE: В Alcohol is absorbed quickly because it does not require digestion, and the higher the alcohol content of a drink- the faster it is metabolized.
LIVER: В The liver metabolizes roughly ВЅ ounce of alcohol each hour, which amounts to about one drink. HORMONES: В  Other than the reasons stated above, which are obvious to most, consider the effects alcohol has on neurotransmitters. Thanks for an excellent article, Sara, and for taking the time to get scientific on the effects of alcohol. I am always careful not to discourage people from trying Paleo by taking a hard stance on alcohol.

Enter your email address below to be the first to hear about new Paleo Recipes, Giveaways and Events. Order Your Copy of PALEO CleansePALEO CLEANSE: 30 Days of Ancestral Eating to Detox, Drop Pounds, Supercharge Your Health and Transition into a Primal Lifestyle. We get asked about alcohol a lot, so we thought it was time to share our thoughts on drinking alcohol on the Paleo Diet in a blog post.
You may also experience a lowered tolerance for alcohol since following the Paleo lifestyle, as you are no longer consuming large quantities of carbohydrates which help absorb alcohol. It’s a personal decision as to how you feel about incorporating alcohol into your Paleo Diet and an equally personal experience as to how your body copes with it.
Our advice is to listen to your body and, if you do choose to indulge, try to limit your indulgences to the more Paleo-friendly alcohol choices.

I’ve been Paleo for four years and have taken several months at a time off drinking over that period.
That means steering clear whenever possible of the Paleo-unfriendly food groups and items such as wheat, white potatoes and refined sugar. But in all seriousness, because of this you may find yourself feeling the effects of alcohol faster, so please be careful.
It means avoiding wheat beers, liquors like vodka that are made out of white potato, and sugary cocktails or mixers that typically have large amounts of cane sugar.В Try and limit your alcohol consumption to gluten-free beers, ciders with low sugar content and wine.

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