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I’ve come up with two holiday outfits that you can wear to a family dinner or holiday party. The great thing about Thanksgiving with relatives is that you are allowed to be dressy yet comfortable. While choosing your outfit, think more about what is expected and accepted in your family rather than follow any specific dress code rules.
After all, the main idea of this celebration is to spend quality time with your relatives and have fun.

If your family is anything like mine you probably have been talking about thanksgiving plans for the past few months but none of it was confirmed until this week. Make sure to free up some space on your iPhone for those memorable moments you may want to picture. And if you are flying, don’t forget a magazine or a book, that’s all you can do while the plane is taking off or touching down. Needless to say, for a savvy business traveler like myself (hmmm), I always forget to pack something important because my list which I only took 2 minutes to think about was incomplete.

Anyway, this year, I am resolved to not forget anything, so I am sharing my list with you so we can swap notes, you can make sure your list is complete and help me complete mine if anything is missing.

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