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I’ve come up with two holiday outfits that you can wear to a family dinner or holiday party.
I hope that you’re having an easy going Monday afternoon, that all of your Christmas shopping is done, presents are wrapped and that you are ready for two days filled with joy, family hangout and positive vibes. The second outfit that I have is for those that will be having dinner at their family’s house. Third, for those that will be traveling to get home (or elsewhere), I picked an outfit that would be plane as well as car appropriate.
And lastly, there really is no place like home and I wanted to capture that with the outfit I created. No matter what your plans are for Thanksgiving I hope that these outfits will help you get an idea for what you want to wear.
5 practical trends for the perfect summer to fall transitionWhile summer hasn’t even shown signs of ending, the rest of the fashion world says it’s time to start thinking about what to wear for the fall.
My family is putting the last minute touches on our menu and everything is being divided up so that the work doesn’t land on just one person. I think it is very important to make a good first impression which is why I decided to go with a dress.

My mom’s side of the family switches off whose house it will be at every year (thankfully it will be at my mom’s this year).
I love traveling, especially by plane but I know that if you don’t have a comfortable outfit you will be miserable the whole trip. Nothing beats wearing leggings on Thanksgiving and the over sized shirt is perfect for lounging around after eating entirely too much.
And don’t forget that Thanksgiving is about being thankful for what you have and who you get to be with. Now, she is a college graduate who majored in Journalism with a minor in both biology and chemistry. But, you also don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard so I would keep it casual with flats or wedges. When spending the day at a family member’s house I try to look nice but still be comfortable. I wanted to pair this outfit with boots but having to go through airport security with boots on is no fun (take my word for it). The great thing about Thanksgiving with relatives is that you are allowed to be dressy yet comfortable.

I am going to have a pretty busy Thanksgiving, I’ll be starting the day with my family and then spend the evening with my boyfriend’s family. She loves fashion and find style inspiration everywhere and she hopes to one day combine her love of fashion with her writing passion.
While choosing your outfit, think more about what is expected and accepted in your family rather than follow any specific dress code rules. But before the big day hits I wanted to showcase a few outfit ideas that would be perfect for this thankful holiday.
After all, the main idea of this celebration is to spend quality time with your relatives and have fun.

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