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Organ meat contains a different nutritional make-up from animal muscle tissue that we are used to eating.
In native cultures, such as the Indians in northern Canada, the skeletal meat was usually given to the animals. I know for me, consuming organ meat in the form of capsules has made a marked difference in my health. While organ meats (offal)were once a common part of many cultures’ traditional diets, they seem to have largely fallen out of favor these days. Even those who don’t have a problem with the idea of consuming organs often have somewhat of an aversion to the taste. Although all meats contain some amount of vitamin B12, liver (especially beef liver) blows everything else out of the water, with almost three times as much B12 as kidney, seven times as much as heart, and about 17 times as much as tongue or ground beef. Organ meats are also one of the four foods recommended in Deep Nutrition for optimal gene function.
Organs, especially liver (from healthy sources) can be an important part of a pregnancy diet due to its high folate content.
This is the most common objection (besides the taste) to consuming organ meats, especially liver. One fact that is well established is that the health of an animal largely affects the health of its organs.
Personally, I strive to eat organ meats, especially liver, once a week or more, especially when pregnant or nursing.

Often, I can find quality meats and organ meats from local farmers and just make sure that the animal was grassfed, raised on pasture and (if possible) not given grains or antibiotics.
If you use 1lb (16oz) of liver to make the recipe, keep track of how many capsules you fill. Many people have unfavorable reactions to the idea of consuming organs, and for different reasons. Organs like heart and brain obviously don’t store toxins, but many people are afraid to consume liver or kidney because these organs filter toxins in the body. The job of organs like the liver is to remove toxins from the body, and as such, they store many fat soluble vitamins and nutrients needed to accomplish this task.
I will do meatloaf, meatballs or meatza with 1lb liver and 2lbs ground meat and you can still taste the liver.
I have a hard time with the idea of eating organs, I see them as the life force of the animal (which is why they are so good for us) which gives me an odd feeling about eating them. Royal Lee, is that the cellular pattern of the organs serves as a template for our body to recognize and copy. If such a premier food is not available, the next choice is organic chicken, beef and calves liver. I have such conflicting feelings about eating meat, I love it and believe that vegan and vegetarian diets are not appropriate or healthy but I always feel bad about eating another creature that was once living.
Learn how to ease into eating these #Paleo super foods.Beef TongueBecause tongue is still technically muscle meat, the nutritional profile is similar to that of other beef muscle meats.

The only ew-factor would be getting it cut up into those little pieces (I’m not a big fan of handling raw meat). I think you have to find the way to make organ meat palatable for you, as it definitely doesn’t work for me every single way.
Once people get over the fact that it’s a tongue, they often find they like it better than other, more ‘normal’ meats!
If you’re venturing into the world of organ meats for the first time, tongue is a great starting point.
As with tongue, many people are pleasantly surprised when they taste heart, because despite its somewhat threatening outward appearance, its taste and texture have been compared to that of steak or brisket.Like other red meat, heart is a good source of iron, zinc, selenium, and B vitamins, but where heart really shines is its CoQ10 content.
While tongue and heart are both excellent choices and great introductions to organ meat consumption, liver is by far the most important organ meat you should be eating. Two Paleo staples – muscle meat and eggs – contain a high proportion of the amino acid methionine, and higher intakes of methionine increase homocysteine production. This is especially true if you eat lots of muscle meat and not enough folate-rich greens.One of the main nutritional differences among the livers of different animals is copper content.

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