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Obtaining Omega 6's in food is easy; there are high amounts in most of what we and our pets eat. As a practicing veterinarian, I experienced the exact same feelings when looking for the best supplement to recommend for my patients. Since I and other veterinarians recommend specific doses for patients based on their current health status, we needed to have a fish oil supplement that provided actual "minimum amounts" in milligrams. For additional immune system support against the damaging effects of free radicals from aging and disease, freeze-dried blueberries were added. Some products add less expensive plant sources of Omega 3's, such as flaxseed to achieve higher Omega 3 amounts.
USA to assure that the company's focus remains developing quality nutritional supplements for our pets. United States, please refer to this National Institutes of Health National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine document.

Whether your pet is eating a commercial diet, homemade diet, or raw prepared food, high levels of the Omega 6's are found in meats, grains, vegetable oils and fats.
There are even less enzymes available for the elderly or when there is already illness present. However, a diet ratio of 10:1 or even lower, of Omega 6's to Omega 3's is recommended to support and maintain healthy vital bodily functions. When the diet includes Omega 3's, specifically EPA and DHA, the body incorporates them into to cell membranes replacing many of the AA's. They provide an excess of Omega 6's and a deficient amount of biologically available Omega 3's.
National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health, Complimentary and Alternative Medicine.
Last, but not least, they are also involved in maintaining healthy joints, eye and kidney function, and skin health.

So, it becomes much more efficient to use a dietary Omega 3 supplement to incorporate those ideal EPA and DHA fatty acids into your pet's diet. Again, consult your veterinarian; he or she will help determine the most beneficial amount for your pet. Fortunately, fish oil without added vitamins is extremely safe so don't be afraid of giving too much. Since these vitamins are fat soluble (meaning excesses are stored in body fat rather than flushed out of the body), it is easy to risk vitamin toxicity if those fish oil products are given at higher amounts than label recommendations.

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