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But a tried-and-true marketing gimmick by a fish oil manufacturer annoyed me, so I want to share that with you here. As I’ve mentioned several times on this blog, regular (retail grade) fish oil contains only 30% Omega-3. This does not mean that the oil is low quality and it does not mean that it has mercury or other contaminants.
Now, if you took a pharmaceutical grade fish oil with 75% Omega-3, it is less likely to go opaque in the freezer because there is more Omega-3 and less saturated fats.
And if you took prescription Lovaza and threw it in the freezer, it is unlikely to go opaque because it has about 85% Omega-3. A 90% Omega-3 fish oil product that is old, rancid and contaminated with mercury will pass the freezer test.

Hi Sally – when you buy regular strength Omega-3, it usually contains between 20 and 30% Omega-3.
Low potency fish oil contains, well, low levels of Omega-3 and sometimes that’s what people can afford. Mr Kutty, is of course correct, in that freezer test does not necessarily indicate NO Omega 3, nor does it help demonstrate rancidity etc.
The rest of the pill is Omega-6, Omega-9, saturated fats and other misc fats that solidify at refrigeration or freezer temps.
I concede that if you are trying to separate the low-potency vs the high-potency fish oils, then the freezer test may be somewhat useful. And telling consumers that pills that freeze solid have no Omega-3 in them is misleading and deceptive.

The likelihood of paying for concentrated oil and getting low-grade oil is virtually zero in North America or Europe.
When a fish oil pill turns solid white when frozen it DOES NOT mean there is no Omega-3 in it. These practices only add to the high level of confusion that people already feel about Omega-3, nutrition and health in general. With low-potency fish oil (the kinds that freeze solid), you have to take 3 times as many pills to get the Omega-3 benefit you need.

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