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If you happen to take beta-blockers, you may already have found out that these can have a detrimental effect on your sex life.
Make sure in any case that you’re not mistaking the dosage for fish liver oil, such as cod liver oil, for that of omega 3, because it's very possible for you to overdose on vitamin A or D if you are taking the quantities advised for fish oil.
It’s important to state that certain side effects from fish oil depend on the quality and source of the fish (oil).
Fish oil can apparently help prevent or reduce the severity of side effects of Cyclosporin (a drug used to suppress the immune system) and help statins (a class of drugs used to reduce high levels of 'bad' cholesterol) to be more effective, due to their anti-inflammatory effect. However, if you do decide to go ahead and take omega-3, be sure you have at least read all the information on this page.

The Institute of Optimum Nutrition provides relevant information on diabetes, heart disease and cholesterol.Your doctor is likely to tell you that there are no Omega-3 side-effects as such.
Many people start out trying to add Omega-3s by eating more fish.Unfortunately fish is now heavily polluted with methylmercury, polychlorinated biphenyls (pcb) and dioxins.
Then you absolutely should consult a doctor before trying fish oil, especially if you want to take a higher dosage.Fish oil stops platelets clumping together, hence its 'blood-thinning' effect. Prof Brian Peskin argues that all fish oil quickly becomes rancid from the moment it reaches our mouth. If your doctor has no qualms about fish oil he or she would be happy for you to get all the supposed health benefits of fish oil, rather than risk the side effects of the available drugs.

Logical, when you think that fish goes off in any warm environment.Remember too that many companies mask bad taste and smell from bad products by adding chemical additives and perfumes.

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