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Download Krause's Food and Nutrition Therapy (Food, Nutrition & Diet Therapy (Krause's)) - L. The full-color eighth edition of this "classic" text helps students apply basic nutrition principles to client care across the lifespan. Dear Visitor, This Content is Locked, We Encourage You To Register and Get An Account In Order To View Private Content.
In print for more than 50 years, KRAUSE'S FOOD & NUTRITION THERAPY has been recognized internationally as the most authoritative text on nutrition.
Krause's Food, Nutrition, & Diet Therapy is a classic textbook in the field of nutrition and diet therapy, providing a wealth of information on nutrition basics, nutrition throughout the life cycle, nutrition care, nutrition for health and fitness, and medical nutrition therapy.

It concisely introduces the basics of nutrients, wellness, and medical nutrition therapy without overwhelming readers with excessive biochemistry content. This new edition continues its tradition of providing the most comprehensive and up-to-date content available today.
I used this book for a class and will be using this book in the field for a reference as well. Always up-to-date with the most current information available, this outstanding resource recognizes the increasing importance of nutrition in achieving and maintaining optimal health and fitness and as a component of complete and effective healthcare.
New chapters on medical nutrition therapy for psychiatric disease and developmental disorders spotlight the advances made in these areas.

It is universally recognized as an essential text for nutrition and diet therapy students and practicing registered dietitians. Extensive appendices, tables, illustrations, figures, and clinical insight boxes give practical hands-on procedures and clinical tools with the most current information, including brand-new guidelines on food intake and physical activity, and highlight the inclusion of the new food guide pyramid, MyPyramid, to use in everyday practice. It features extensive appendixes, tables, illustrations, figures, and clinical insight boxes that provide practical hands-on information and clinical tools for use throughout a student's education and career.

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