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It is, say Royal insiders, the Duchess of Cambridge's 'secret weapon' for staying in shape. So it's no surprise that smoothie-maker the NutriBullet has become a must-have device.The gadget, which pulverises fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds, is known as an 'extractor' rather than a juicer or blender, due to its unique high-powered blade action. It's this, manufacturers say, which is the key to retaining the nutritional content in your smoothie.Today, The Mail on Sunday is offering readers the chance to buy one, along with a recipe book detailing how you can use it, and other bonus items as part of an incredible half-price deal.

When you consume this nutrition-extracted food, according to the gadget's makers, you spare the digestive system the work of breaking down dense and fibrous foods, allowing it to focus on absorbing the maximum amount of nutrients locked inside.Slimmer, happier, healthierAt the core of the NutriBullet plan is the Nutriblast – a smoothie comprising 50 per cent greens and 50 per cent fruit, plus two to four tablespoons of 'boosts' (nuts, seeds or other super-charged foods).
The NUTRiBULLET recipes here contain vegetables (naturally lower in sugar), as well as fruit and seeds, and nuts or cereals to increase the satiating fibre content – making them a really good choice.
It couldn't be simpler – just swap breakfast or lunch for a filling smoothie.Over the following pages, we've provided inspiring recipes to help you get started, but you can always create your own blend.

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