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Most people are eating nightshade plants daily and have no idea they contains small amounts of neurotoxins, that are causing them pain and digestive problems.
As part of my crusade to create awareness of nightshades and their toxins, I put together this nightshade free cookbook.
In the book you will find the evidence from scientific studies showing how nightshades are harmful to many people. Nightshade’s cause injury to your joints in two ways, the first is with inflammation, and the second is by a system of depositing calcium into the joint itself. Find out how nightshades are affecting you and your loved ones today, and what you can do to prevent being harmed by them over time. Nightshades cause endless health problems for so many people, who could be living wonderful lives. Tomato and other nightshade vegetables are now excluded from macrobiotic diets because of reports that these vegetables can cause arthritis flare-ups.
Once native to South America, this member of the nightshade family is now grown all over the world.
There is a popular myth that these nightshade vegetables trigger repeated arthritis episodes. Perhaps, the unfortunate association of nightshade vegetables with toxicity is because they are related to the plant, deadly nightshade (Atropa belladonna).

Because of the deadly alkaloids produced by plants in this family, nightshade vegetables have been said to cause a number of diseases including arthritis.
Some naturopaths advise patients with arthritis to eliminate these vegetables, especially tomato, from their diets.
People advocating macrobiotic diets have mostly eliminated tomato and other nightshade vegetables from their list of preferred foods. The case against tomato and other nightshade vegetables goes further to state that oxalic acid inhibits the absorption of calcium which leads to the weakening of bones and joints.
According to the data collected, the consumption of tomato and nightshade vegetables only adversely affect 1 – 2% of people suffering from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Since heat only reduces the alkaloid contents of these vegetables by 50 – 60%, naturopaths, who believe tomato is to blame, advise individuals who are sensitive to these alkaloids to totally eliminate the vegetable from their diets. However, the small percentage of arthritis patient affected by nightshade vegetables is grossly inadequate to conclude that tomato and other nightshade vegetables trigger arthritic flare-ups. For arthritis patient still convinced that tomato may worsen their symptoms, the elimination diet can help them determine if this is true. Solanines in nightshades can cause a myriad of different health problems in susceptible individuals. Actually, some of the nightshade vegetables produce the same poisonous tropane alkaloids as belladonna.

There are different reasons given for this diet change although most of them do not measure up and there is no scientific proof for any of these claims. First, tomato and other nightshade vegetables do not contain appreciable amounts of oxalic acid. However, macrobiotic gurus rather point at solanine, another toxic alkaloid produced by plants of the nightshade family. It is also not found in other green vegetables of the nightshade family including eggplants and peppers. This group of patients also experience improved symptoms when these vegetables are eliminated from their diet. Most of the public are eating nightshades without even knowing they are eating the same toxins found in tobacco.
Hundreds of people have found relief and healing from arthritis, by following a nightshade free diet.

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