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Of course, it’s only a few months since Carole Middleton used the Dukan Diet to get ready for a certain wedding. Slender: Carole Middleton used the Dukan diet to get in shape for the Royal WeddingJennifer Lopez credits Dukan for the toning of her famous curves, actress Penelope Cruz says Dukan snapped her back into red carpet shape after the birth of her daughter, and Welsh singer Katherine Jenkins swears by its  simple methods to keep her looking great for the cameras. The diet plan was devised by French doctor Pierre Dukan to provide his obese patients with a weight-loss solution that didn’t sacrifice the great Gallic love for food. HOW DUKAN WORKSThe Dukan Diet is not one, but four interconnecting diets designed to work against the body’s natural reluctance to let go of excess weight, and to ensure the pounds that are lost don’t come back.

It is these principles — and this speedy weight loss — that make Dukan such a perfect way to get in shape for your summer holiday, and why Dr Dukan himself has developed a special plan for the Mail to get you ready for the beach.Starting today, and continuing next week, the Mail will show you how to use this new Dukan Holiday Diet to lose weight fast — and then keep it off during your holiday and stay trim when you return. Follow Dr Dukan’s plan from Monday, and by next weekend you could lose as much as 7lb!Over five days, we will show you how to adapt the diet to suit the amount of weight you want to lose, and how to eat when you go on holiday.
Dr Dukan says this first stage of the diet produces obvious and immediate results — many people can expect to lose as much as 7lb in just five days. This is the workhorse stage of the diet where you alternate the pure protein days of Attack with days when you add a delicious array of unlimited salads and vegetables to your wide selection of meat, fish and no-fat dairy products.

Most dieters lose a 2lbs a week during the Cruise phase, and stay on it until they reach their target weight.The majority of diets would only take you this far, but Dr Dukan noticed how often his patients’ weight would begin to creep back up again once they reached their target weight and resumed their old eating habits.

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