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By swasthi , on April 5, 2015, 38 Commentsmung bean detox soup recipe – step by step guide to making a easy, safe homemade detox soup using moong beans or green gram. Years ago, this mung bean detox soup recipe or a close variation to this had been telecasted in almost all Indian channels in health or Ayurveda series. Mung beans are considered to be tridoshic and can balance any kind of doshas in the body effectively. Moong beans are one of the best super foods that can safely detox the body and increase metabolism and keep disorders & diseases at bay. Ayurvedic experts say this soup detoxes the entire body including liver and improves the overall health.

After 1 ВЅ to 2 hours of consuming this mung bean detox soup, many people experience mild to severe headache and even nausea.
This mung bean detox soup recipe is one of the easiest recipes that can be prepared even by a newbie. In the mungdal detox soup for preparing monsoon spicepowder should we dryroast the jeers and ajwain and then powder it or without dryroast it should be powdered,please cclarify my doubt. Eating this soup will also accomplish one of our top 10 eating healthy tips – Eat something green everyday. The ancient Chinese used mung beans for culinary and medicinal purposes such as dispelling heat and detoxifying the body.

Today mung beans are still being used for culinary and health purposes due to the beans’ high nutritional content and value. In that case, 1 day in a week, eat nothing else except this soup and plain water, any number of times. It is just made out of the mung beans or the whole green gram and seasoned with ghee and mild spices.

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