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We go along with the idea to eat fruit because the adults in our lives preach to us about eating healthier. Unfortunately, too few of us are aware of the В impact healthy eating, and especially fruit can have on other aspects of life. Also, if you are aware or interested in strengthening your third eye, these fruits are the perfect foods to consume.

It is important to have balance and moderation with each kind of fruit in order to be fully harmonious and get the most effective results. Today, I’d like to talk to you about some of the many hidden benefits to such a delicious group of foods in the hopes of altering your view on healthy eating. Fruit is the most beneficial food source of the chakra energies, which are a big part of one’sВ emotional status (a separate post on this topic coming soon).

I try to eat an apple or two every day, and when you start to get into these kinds of good eating habits you begin to reap the benefits: improved health.

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