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I absolutely love my TSAR, it's the only watch I wear lately, but the SLN pip on the second hand is vestigial at best, impossible to read in the dark.
Having owned Traser, Luminox, Ball, and Marathon, I can wholeheartedly recommend getting a tritium watch, and would have to suggest the Marathon TSAR based on your requirements. The Marathon is a good watch - especially if you need a spare hockey puck during your down time. One preparation that we could do to face unpredicted things is by having a tough watch that can tell us the time precisely. Eight year battery life, although battery replacement requires sending the watch to Sinn in Germany due to the oil filling. It is 44 mm dia, so a little larger than your spec, and probably a little pricier than the other watches that you have listed.

However, most of the watches you could buy from the stores are not designed for extreme condition such as low temperature, shocks, compression and water. The lum is amazing( the prime reason for the watch), the second hand is very visible (critical for you guys), the watch is very accurate and the strap allows you to buckle over various layers.
Such military watch uses H3 Tritium technology to enable the watch to be read in low light condition and total pitch. However, there are also some military accessory online shops where you could get these amazing military watches with lower price.
It is a fairly inexpensive watch and although not really good for underwater rescue (different group here) it works great as a very versatile field watch that can take a beating. The mens military watches are designed to surpass the normal watches and it makes military watches desired watches to have for any outdoor extreme activities.

If you want lightweight, small that fits modest size wrists, and has tritium illumination, I would highly recommend the Traser line of watches. If you really want to buy men’s military watches, you should know what you look for from it. It is the hardest metal in the planet and when it is used for the military watches they become the toughest watches in the planet too. Most military watches are made from top quality Swiss components inside and they have good look outside.

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