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War Documentary Films is the largest provider of military videos and footage of conflicts around the world. All documentaries are assumed to be either in the public domain or uploaded with the consent of their copyright owners. The owner of this site cannot know which documentaries are in public domain and is therefore willing to remove any violating material immediately upon request.
Long Military Documentary Future Soldier Technology Future soldiers will have armor which enhances physical strength and stamina.

In addition to conflict and war videos, our site has a host of military-related videos, including combat videos, funny military videos, special forces videos, military tribute videos, military history videos, military weapons videos, military tactics videos and U.S.
With 250,000 visitors a month and over 20,000 YouTube subscribers and growing, War Documentary Films targets a large audience of military enthusiasts. The site features military videos from current conflicts, including Iraq War videos and Afghanistan War Videos, and videos from various hotspots including Israel, Syria, and Ukraine.
Often, these military videos come straight from the source – from the soldiers and combatants involved in the video, and also from citizens and journalists who are witness thereof.

In this day and age, everyone has a camera, cellphone camera, GoPro camera etc., and military actions are being recorded like never before.

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