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If you don't want the vegetarian version, add diced chicken or pulled pork to these already delicious nachos. You could also make your own taco crumbles using either tofu or tempeh - some Mexican spices, a splash of liquid smoke and a splash of oil.
We make these nachos probably at least once or twice a week when we are burnt out, exhausted, or just really craving quick and fresh, awesomely delicious Mexican food at home. These are vegetarian nachos with protein-rich black beans, fresh produce, spicy and zesty pickled jalapeГ±os, and all the bells and whistles of your favorite Mexican chip dish. And typically, Barry and I will make a whole tray of these nachos, take them out of the oven, and eat them right off the baking tray, family style! I have to give a big shout out to Barry for this one because he’s usually the one who makes the nachos in our home and I’m so super thankful for that because sometimes when I’m beat after a long day and craving a big tray of nachos, he’ll so willingly jump into the kitchen to make them—even if he’s just as tired. These are my most favorite nachos ever, ever, ever and I’m sure if you decide to try it out, you will be in lurv too!
Piled high with all the best Mexican food toppings such as salsa, cheese and avocado, you can make these either vegetarian or add any type of meat you choose. The best nachos I had as a kid were served at this little hole in the wall spot in Santa Cruz Cali.

Make your own cashew nacho cheese sauce, as seen in my -> Ball Park Nachos recipe photos and link. There’s actually no real recipe to follow, just simple and easy to find ingredients that you should feel comfortable to switch up depending on what you crave. I’d love to hear if you try it out and do tell me what toppings you enjoy on your nachos! When you want dinner in a snap and want to give minimal effort while still caring about good ingredients, these nachos work wonders. They served blue corn chip nachos loaded with cheese, beans, veggie toppings and then baked in the oven until the edges of the chips were black-charred and crisp. I think it may be impossible to be grumpy with a perky, cheerful platter of colorful nachos in front of you.
The veggies, sour cream, avocado and such will be chilled or room temperature - so when you bite into those fresh nachos you get a perfect hot and cold sensation. And the great thing about it is that if the people in your family like different things on their nachos you can make the whole tray of chips and then add certain toppings to one half and certain toppings to the other half. The chips should not turn out soggy if you put the salsa (no more than suggested) on at the end right before placing the nachos into the oven.

And with Cinco de Mayo just around the corner, you have every reason to hop to the store and fill your cart with nacho fiesta ingredients. Once in a while we like to add cooked ground beef to oneВ side of the nachos because Barry likesВ itВ but I prefer my nachos vegetarian.
As you eat, the flavors and textures change as the hot and cold mesh to a soft nacho cheesy warmth. I went ahead and listed what we add and approximately how much, but to be completely honest, we just eyeball it when we make them because, well …it’s nachos for heaven’s sake!
I have a feeling if your chips weren’t crispy, they were either not broiled on high until the cheese bubbled up (assuming they were crisped up very well when you first made the chips) or the nachos were overwhelmed with excess liquid either from beans or too much salsa.
I definitely crave that perfect crunch and heat from the onions and jalapeГ±os, so I always opt for more of those on my nachos. The reason I recommend putting salsa on at the end is because it sort cooks onto the chips and so you can add a bit of hot sauce after, and you won’t get wet nachos.

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