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We wrote the book to display my husbands recipes which are from his North African roots.When he became a chef in 2010 I was having a health breakdown and my doctor advised me to become gluten free. My husband adapted his traditional recipes to be Paleo friendly and we decided to start writing them down. Since 2009 she has been winning the battle against Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis using a Paleo diet. Our goal with this book is to help you enjoy cooking again and bring new exciting flavors into your Paleo routine. When I learned how to make this great Middle Eastern dip I was so excited because it fits a low carb and Paleo diet.
Then we started tweaking our recipes to be Paleo friendly after I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease in 2010.My husband tried Paleo about a year later and he noticed how much better he felt giving up gluten so we both became more interested in writing down the recipes to help others and after two years of work our book is hitting the shelves!
We are putting all the fresh flavors of the Southern Mediterranean together in a wonderful new e-book! Almost every recipe is practically a meal in and of itself and some dishes have two meats in one!AIP Friendly Modifications: This book is perfect for people who are following an AIP diet and has 112 recipes that are suitable for the AIP diet or have a simple modification to follow.

Please see the AIP introduction page for the specifics on how to use our modifications key and all the specifics about how we applied AIP swaps in our recipes.
These diets are designed to pull out gut irritants which include starches such as sweet potato and tapioca so it is slightly different that regular paleo although there is a great deal of common ground.
We use pumpkin, butternut squash, eggs and coconut flour in recipes to substitute starches and in desserts we used honey in place of coconut sugar or maple syrup. We have 158 recipes that have lower carb options.Nut Free Modifications:Whether it is an itchy mouth or a brick like feeling in your stomach, nuts are out the door but we have the answer!
In this book we used flax seeds, sesame seeds or sunflower seeds (and sunflower meal) as a nut modification so people can still enjoy most of the recipes.
We found many ways to work around eggs in this book often the AIP and the egg free modification will be the same and a no less tasty version of the recipe can be enjoyed. Try my Baba ghanoush recipe that will give you a taste of the Mediterranean without the bloat and gut inflammation! Our book has a wonderful pasta recipe that has a great bite and holds together for easy twirling.

We know that cooking most meals is a big challenge for people on Paleo if they have been eating SAD before so we tried to make it as easy as possible. The great news is that most of our main dish recipes create their own broth during the cooking process so you can get two stars from the teacher, one for being Paleo and one for getting in your broth. There are 3 broth recipes in the book that can be adapted for the slow cooker when you are on the go.
We have nearly 20 recipes that will give you lots of new ideas, from Madeline’s to Macaroons, Biscotti, flour-less chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, strawberry tarts and pistachio cocoa bites that will make you feel like your are spending your afternoon in a seaside coffee shop. We hope to liven up your Paleo diet with novel flavor combinations that will improve your health at the same time.Our Book Releases on Oct 28.

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