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Think of this as a starting point and when youВ are ready to go a little more hard-core in your clean eating check out Cassie at Back to Her Roots (her way of eating is awesome!) or Emily from One Lovely Life who is eating gluten and dairy free to help her two-year-old in her battle with autism. On to the 2 week menu for Summer Clean Eating, more of my thoughts on food and eating clean is at the bottom of the post!
I’d much rather have my kids eat my butter, sugar, and white flour chocolate chip cookies than anything made with a box of sugar-free Jell-O. You have a great site and I’m not trying to be a downer but you promote unprocessed clean eating yet the ads that pop up on your blog are for Milano cookies which are highly processed and loaded with sugar and fat. These easy-to-follow Clean Eating menu plans take the guesswork out of mealtime and keep your clean food diet on track.
TIP: Remember to print your weekly Clean Eating shopping lists, arranged according to how most grocery stores are laid out for an effortless shopping experience. Choose a diet plan below based on the current season to ensure that your produce is at its seasonal peak. Beat the heat by keeping it light and easy, with two weeks worth of meals to keep you on the slender track! 1 year Clean Eating Family Plan), you’ll be able to provide great meals to your family each week, while staying on budget and not getting overwhelmed with options.

I can’t wait to feature some of the meals we make via eMeals recipes over the next few months.
I have been using this for months and love it, it is so nice to have meals planned out for me. Eating clean is such a fluffy term that comes with different criteria for different people. Five balanced mini meals a day comprised of fresh seasonal fare ensure that your metabolism is always fired up.
These easy diet plans are season-specific, meaning that you’ll always be eating the freshest, most nutritious produce.
Download your free 2-week meal plan plus shopping list and discover how simple and satisfying it is to eat clean today. We’re your ultimate source for delicious, real food recipes and weight loss meal plans that showcase fresh, unprocessed foods that are seasonal and nutrient-dense. Send me my risk-free trial issue of Clean Eating magazine and 3 free digital recipe booklets! They are a meal planning service that not only provides a shopping list for you, but 7 recipes each week to accompany them.

Together we can all eat a little better without feeling totally crazy about the process, and I think this is a pretty great place to start!
Oh, and side note: I love that they also create meal plans featuring budget-friendly stores like Aldi and Walmart, and have an app! Use on melons in all shapes and sizes, cherries, berries, and peaches to round out the meal.
I still plan our meals at the beginning of each week, like a good Mom, but there is only so much inspiration you can get from Pinterest before you start to want to pull your hair out. I believe it’s a plan people can stick to and not feel left out when there is a party or family outing.

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