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Many parents simply feel overwhelmed with trying to meal plan and get their kids eating regularly, but it doesn’t have to be nearly as difficult as you may think as long as you have a few key strategies in mind. As such, smaller, more frequent meals and snacks throughout the day tend to work best for them.
Most children should be aiming for three main meals, and another three to four snacks – especially on their very active days when a pre-game meal will be required each and every day. By planning ahead of time so they are ready with food throughout the day, you reduce the chances that they turn to convenience or vending machine food for energy instead. Meal planning can take some time and effort, there’s no denying that, but with the right approach, you can make it easier for yourself. In addition to that, you should aim to do as much of the grocery shopping for these meals ahead of time as possible as well.
I have been a meal planner for the past 3 years but every now and again it slips a bit here and there.

If they are going to eat as often as they should be over the course of the day, you need to be planning for this. Never make a meal to serve just once – always make enough for 2-3 meals so that it can be used as leftovers over the next few days. Showcasing picture-perfect, good-for-you meals, Joy’s IG will make you wax poetic about the beauty of an apple or the glories of kale. The brainchild of McKel Hill, a registered dietitian and wellness coach based in Nashville, Tenn., Nutrition Stripped dazzles with minimalist photos of vibrant, nourishing meals as well as little nuggets of healthy living wisdom. That’s the ethos behind Meal Prep Mondays, a helpful visual guide to prepping healthy meals and storing them in portable containers for on-the-go nutrition. I am extremely tired of spending a small fortune on groceries every month so I have buckled down and gaining back control over my wallet and meals! If you need further help with this whole concept, check out NutraCarina, the easiest way to learn and build a personal nutrition plan.

From roasted root vegetables to veggie-stuffed breakfast tostadas, Sara’s meals celebrate vivid flavors and unexpected combinations of seasonal ingredients. Rather than caving to greasy take-out or consigning yourself to another ho-hum turkey sandwich, take a few extra minutes on Monday and prepare wholesome, flavorful meals for the week ahead.
You can add more food to the 5 meals (3 main meals and 2 snacks) or, for example, add an extra snack after meal.

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