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Add some allure to the idea of eating at home by serving your family, quite literally, a modern twist on a weeknight classic like lasagna. Notably mild-tasting and unlikely to fall apart when cooked, it's fit for a variety of flavor pairings and preparations. We're always on the lookout for inventive, healthy, and easy ways to tackle mealtime, and with the changing seasons, our food preferences tend to follow suit. Fortunately, there are recipes and general tricks that will help you keep your budget while feeding your family relatively healthy meals.

Nurture your entire family this week — the first week of Fall — next week, and beyond with 20 of our favorite ideas for hearty Fall dinners. Here are some ideas you can take to the store, as well as six family dinners to serve a family of six for less than six dollars.Overall Tricks to Save Money on FoodBuy on SaleWhen something is on sale, I always buy however much I can afford. If you force yourself to make something you already have, rather than making a run to the store, you're saving money.
Even if you have cereal for dinner one night, you'll be better off financially than heading to the store.

Use the cooked bacon in omelets, rice, spaghetti sauce, everything that can use a kick.6 Dinners to Make Under $6SpaghettiA pack of spaghetti noodles, and homemade mushroom sauce, will serve six with enough for leftovers.

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