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Plant based diet weight loss success stories

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The compounds THCV and cannabidiol found in marijuana may help raise metabolism, speed fat loss, and lower cholesterol, says new research from GW Pharmaceuticals.
Limiting a pot-like brain compound that regulates metabolism allows genetically altered mice to stay skinny without exercising. You might infer from that line that researchers have discovered that these two chemicals speed up metabolism in the human body, but that remains to be seen. You probably always thought that smoking marijuana could cause weight gain with food cravings and excessive eating. GW Pharmaceuticals studied the drug on animals and found that the marijuana compounds helped treat type 2 diabetes and lowered cholesterol levels.

Scientists hope to create a drug from the compounds to treat metabolic syndrome, a combination of diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity that ends in suffering from heart disease and even stroke.
Test mice also saw a boost in metabolism which led to lower cholesterol in the blood and decreased fat in the liver.
The infographic below takes into account how often a person uses marijuana and multiple demographic factors.
The headlines referencing pot, ganja, and cannabis have excited marijuana enthusiasts, but as far as we know, plain old marijuana does not cure obesity or metabolic syndrome, and nobody’s trying to prove that it does.
Cannabinoid receptors have also been found in fat and the liver, which might explain why GW Pharma’s compound THCV improved metabolic abnormalities associated with cardiovascular disease and diabetes in animals.

Or it could be another bust like rimonabant, a cannabinoid antagonist by Sanofi-Aventis that helped patients lose weight and improve their metabolic profiles, but also appeared to increase the risk of depression, and possibly even suicide.
The news is that a UK pharmaceutical company is studying the effects of just two chemicals derived from specially-bred marijuana plants in patients with obesity and metabolic syndrome.

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