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The limes are also available powdered, worth seeking out as they're difficult to grind fine. Dried limes are often in Middle Eastern groceries, especially those with a strong Iranian presence. Simply pricked a few times and dropped into your cooking liquid of choice they drink up broths and release a subtle acidity that, unlike acids themselves, remains bright even after hours of stewing.

They taste like limes, but also like much more: a note of asafoetida and all the richness and complexity of a stellar vinegar. But as the weather turns cool and citrus juice becomes a welcome note of freshness on the squash-, stew-, and gratin-heavy table, this spice is limited only by the broths you can soak it in. When not slurping noodles over a rickety table, he's in the kitchen tinkering with his ice cream maker on a never-ending quest to develop the best ice cream-making techniques.

But while a really good vinegar could set you back $20 to $40, a season's supply of limu omani will cost you a few dollars.

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