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Leangains is a unique body composition improvement protocol in that it utilizes a style of dieting called intermittent fasting: You fast every day for 14-18 hours and limit the window in which you eat to 6-10 hours. There is evidence indicating that regular fasting offers numerous physiological benefits, including improved insulin sensitivity and improved fat distribution, even when caloric intake is controlled for.
As great as Leangains and intermittent fasting is, do understand that aВ lot of snake oil huckstersВ have jumped on the fasting bandwagon and touting it as the next miracle pixie dust of the diet industry, making ridiculous claims that with fastingВ you can eat unlimitedВ calories and still lose fat, pack on muscle faster than an IFBB pro on steroids, and increase your IQ 25 points.
The reason Leangains is so effective is that it makes fat loss anВ easy,В simple, and practical endeavor withinВ context of real life. The key to fat loss with Leangains, and otherВ effective diet for that matter, is to establish a 15-20% weekly caloric deficit. As we’ve just discussed, Leangains calls forВ eating more calories on your training days than you do on your off days.
Martin calls for a very high protein intake to the tune of 1.5g+ per lb of body weight a day, mainly because protein provides a slight metabolic advantage and is especially satiating. Daily fat intake should also remain relatively constant, though it might be idealВ to eat higher fat on off days and lower fat on training daysВ in order toВ fit more carbs into your caloric budget onВ those days. To calculate your daily carbohydrate requirement you simply budget the remainder of your caloriesВ towards carbs.
A big culprit in this pitfall is that people often decide they’ll try all kinds of new recipes and foods, all while trying to weigh things,В count calories, and fit their macros on the fly. Do this for a least the first few weeks to get the ball rolling, then you can considering adding in a recipe here and there if you get sick of eating the same stuff all the time.
Novelty and spontaneity are the enemiesВ of an effective and sustainable calorie counting fat loss diet.
Load up a calorie counting app, get on Google, and fiddle around with foods until you like what you see and your macros are hit. General Disclaimer on Training:В There is no cardinal rule set for optimal training, and what works best for one individual will never be exactly the same as what works best for another.
On training days I recommend one large post workout meal that should have about half your daily calories and carbs, thenВ two smaller meals to get the rest of your calories for that day.
For more information on everything as it pertains to realistic expectations, check out my full expectations guide here.

Other than caffeine from coffee I don’t personally take anything to enhance fat loss, but some people do and it can help if you do it right.
This should be everything you need to get started with Leangains tomorrow and start losing fat. To get a free copy of my ebook Fat Loss 101 - The Straight Dope On How Fat Loss Actually Works, enter your email below and get it delivered instantly. In the last few years it has become an incredibly popular fat lossВ program because it’s simple, easy, and very effective.
This flies in the face of conventional wisdom,В which normally calls for eating small meals every 2-3 hours to lose fat. It’s possible to do Leangains in the context of other styles of training but the original program calls for weightlifting 2-3 times a week. Your fat and protein intake will remain relatively constant from day to day, while you’ll be eating many more carbs on training days than you do on off days. As long as you’re hitting that ~20% weekly deficit on average, do whatever works best for your comfort and schedule. Other people call for a slightly more conservative 1-1.2g of protein per pound of body weight a day while on a cut in general. Prepping new recipes constantly is stressful enough in it’s own right, and trying to add the calorie and and macro counting to it is a quick way toВ get overwhelmed and give up. What I ended up doing was trying a new recipe like once a week, and eventually I had 20 or so tried and true food sources that I knew would hit my macros exactly, and that was enough variety for me. For example, ground turkey might be easier to plan in your meals than individual chicken breasts which vary in shape and size.
Your workouts should be challenging, but not grueling & exhausting enough to send you to the couch for hours afterwards. Your genetics, lifestyle, stress, sleep, and other such variables will influence your fat loss potential. Restaurant meals are typically high fat, high carb, and low protein relative to target Leangains macros, so it will balance out at the end. Accept the inevitableВ stalls and hiccups as you go, and know that all you need to do to overcome them isВ diet for maybe an extra week or two.

But, if you want to achieve truly elite Martin Berkhan himself levels of leanness, you might have exactly 0% leeway for cheating as you reach the end of the cut.
The whole point of Leangains, or any other effective fat loss diet, is that it makes things as easy and sustainable as possible for you. All in all, Leangains is nothing magical, it’s just a methodology that makes diet adherence easier for some people. In fact, it’s been my go to method of choice for both fat loss and muscle gain for the last four or so years. Big restaurant meals or family dinners with friends can easily fit in a Leangains fat loss protocalВ while they don’t fit in conventional fat loss bodybuilding diets requiring 6+ meals a day. What I do care about is making fat loss as easy as possible, and the single greatest thing Leangains does for me and many other people is exactly that. Rather, fat loss becomesВ hard because people don’t know how to fit it within the framework of real day to day life. I personally feel better eating slightly higher fat and slightly lower carb compared to theВ average defaultВ recommendations.
I neither give a shit about Leangains, intermittent fasting, or any other methodology I happen to apply to my own life for it’s own sake. The calculators aren’t infallible and you might have a naturally lower metabolism than average.
Intermittent fasting merely makes it easier for big eaters like myselfВ to not overeat while neither being perpetually hungry and miserable. Ultimately the best fat loss diet for you is the easiest and most effective one, whatever that may be.

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