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Lurong Living is proud to announce a brand new Challenge, which is the first in the 2015 Lurong Living Challenge Series. The Lurong Living Resolution Challenge allows for individuals to compete simultaneously as an individual and for their Affiliate Team. The Challenge turn making new years resolutions and good intentions into a tangible plan in which an athlete can take action.
Athletes are tested with a standardized benchmark workout at the beginning and end of the Challenge. From exclusive articles and videos, to recipes, to our online challenge forum, athletes will be given the tools and resources needed to make lasting lifestyle changes. The 2015 Lurong Living Resolution Challenge was built to the specifications and requests from our family of more than 1,000 CrossFit Affiliates.

This 5 week Challenge tracks your diet, progress in achieving your New Year's Resolutions, body composition, weight, personal goals, workout performance, and improvements. From strict Paleo to zone, to taking the first step in changing you diet, we have you covered. There are 3 skill levels which allow the workout to be both accessible and challenging for any athlete. The principles you have learned throughout the Challenge and put into practice with dedication and focus are what is behind every extra rep you completed, every inch that was lost in your waistline, and every pound that you shed.
The Resolution Challenge provides what you need to not only make healthy new year's resolutions, but it gives you the community, accountability, structure, motivation, competitive atmosphere, and education you need to making your resolutions become your reality. Athletes are constantly challenged and encouraged to make the wisest choices possible, and they are rewarded with points along the way.

The platform gives reminders and the ability to track the status of the resolution throughout the Challenge.
Throughout the Challenge, athletes will also be given fitness challenges to accomplish and compare on the leaderboards. The same principles and values that led to your success in the Paleo Challenge apply to every other area of your life. Without a plan, our resolutions become nothing more than good intentions. That is exactly why we built the Lurong Living Resolution Challenge for YOU!

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