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Teens, especially teen boys, are often quite resistant В to carrying a home packed meal to school. I went to my network of lunch packing bloggers, many of whom pack for teens, and asked them for their tips, observations, and words of wisdom.
The cool factor is easily achieved with theВ ThrifteeGear upcycled lunch bag: aВ one-of-a-kind lunch bag or backpack made from your favorite t-shirt.
Sandwiches have an almost unlimited potential, but if you get into the habit of giving your child sandwiches as a packed lunch, make sure to vary what you put in them and regularly include fresh produce.
A batch of muffins can serve as lunch for the whole family, and making these healthy treats is surprisingly addictive!

Making sushi yourself isn't that difficult, and let's face it — there are going to be days when you do not have the time to prepare a healthy packed lunch from scratch, but you still want to make sure your child doesn't eat junk food for lunch. You can buy ready-made in many places, and it offers a pretty healthy lunch whether you go for fish or vegetarian options. I asked Kathy to be a guest here because I love her straight forward approach to making lunches. If your child isn't allergic, peanuts aren't banned at her school, and you can count on your kid not to share her lunch with others, PB&J sandwiches are still a great option because peanuts are a wonderful source of monounsaturated fats that are heart-healthy. To make a tortilla lunch extra healthy, make sure to include a side of guacamole, that avocado dip that goes with most Mexican foods.

Savory muffins with some fresh fruit like an apple or orange for desert are a great option, but you can also make blueberry and chocolate muffins, or some other sweet variation, as a treat.

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