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Some of my bento blogging friends have shared some great ideas to make the most of those disposable field trip lunch days! So excited to have Lindsey, one of my oldest blogging buds, sharing some super creative ideas with you today! We’re coming up on Halloween and Christmas and there are a ton of fun ways that you can get creative with abento box for the Holidays.
Find even more great Halloween Bento Ideas in this post from the Following in My Shoes blog.

SewFatty packed this adorable lunch of Ants on a Log, Cucumber Slices, Grapes, and Fruit Bars. This colorful lunch is one that I made my daughter for a lunch at home.В  You’ll find that by making lunches more colorful and fun, your kiddos will eat foods they normally turn their noses up at!
Spring means field trips and lots of special school functions, which also means special lunches. Part of the field trip lunch rule is that everything must be disposable, it has to be in a paper sack and the kids name has to be on it.

Super cute, and I’m sure all his friends will be jealous of his fun lunch from Mommy! Thanks for the great tips on using recyclable containers for field trips it worked great for us.

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