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Keep covered leaving enough space for the dough to rise and cover the mouth of the bowl with cling wrap or lid. Here I am giving breakfast, lunch ideas for kids and few tips on how to present food and make it appealing to them.
You can give the same dosa in a different form and I am sure it will be a hit and your kids are going to love this for sure. More Breakfast ideas with dosa Kids love colors, so make the food as colorful as possible.

Coin Dosa- You can make small 10-15 dosa, the size of a coin and give them with sambar.You need patience for this but they will love it. Then add all the vegetables, salt needed, chilli powder, coriander powder, kitchen king masala and saute in high heat for a few minutes. Take a chapati, keep the filling in the middle and roll the chapati tightly and secure it with a strip of aluminum foil, so that it is easy for the child to hold in the middle and eat. Can rice be boring for kids if you present it like this!!!Make different fun shapes and sizes or faces with food.

Honestly I have no idea about Kashmiri cuisine, so I don’t even know if this is really a Kashmiri cuisine or the restaurants developed this recipe and named it so since this is sweet.
If using active dry yeast, please dissolve 1 tsp(for this recipe) of the yeast in lukewarm milk along with sugar, wait for 10 minutes to froth and then use this to make dough along with curd and oil, otherwise recipe and everything same.

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