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Recipes below from our Kidney Community News are useful for anyone wanting to eat a healthy diet. Even if your kidneys are healthy, check with your treating doctor who will consider your personal health picture and write a referral to introduce you to a dietitian, to advise you how you can achieve better health.
Each recipe below sets out levels of energy, protein, fat, carbohydrate, sodium (salt), potassium, phosphate and sometimes phosphorus - key elements to control in a renal diet. If you are not getting all the vitamins and minerals you need from the foods you eat, vitamin and mineral supplements may be recommended or prescribed by your doctor or dietitian. Your treating doctor can refer you to a dietician who will design a specific diet for your needs.

If confused about advice provided by a dietitian on your renal diet, call our Kidney Health Information Service - freecall 1800 454 363.
Nutrients per serve: energy 1280kJ, protein 8g, fat 14g, carbohydrate 36g, potassium 235mg, phosphate 100mg, sodium 140mg. If you have kidney failure, consult your renal dietician regularly to avoid any confusion and clarify exactly what you can eat. Usually a well-balanced diet will supply you with enough vitamins and minerals to keep you in good health. Contact Dietitians Association of Australia to find a dietician close to you - or call them on 1800 812 942.

Take your carer with you, if someone else prepares your meals, so they can also understand your dietitian's advice.

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