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Here are in no particular order Top 10 Recipes for Coconut Oil Fat Bombs from amazing bloggers around the web. If you like these, take a look at Chocolate Fat Bombs with walnuts or my Paleo Easter Eggs (just call them fat bombs any other time of the year).
Taking a hybrid approach to weight loss, Low Carb, Ketogenic, Paleo Primal, and Weston A Price guidelines. These are yummy but they’re hard to overeat since they are only lightly sweetened and mostly coconut oil, so are extremely satisfying. They are so good and will help you through any sugar craving while you are changing your lifestyle to become more fat adapted.

The bane of my existence today is belly fat which coconut oil is supposed to help get rid off. Fat bombs willВ keep you fuller for longer, reduce your carb intake, and contain a healthy dose of coconut oil.
Coconut butter is similar to coconut oil but the butter still has some fibre and white meat from the coconut.
When you decide to give up carbs, sugar and wheat, Ditch The Carbs shows you just how easy and nutritious it is. Coconut has amazing health benefits such as improving cognitive function, strengthening the immune system and burning belly fat, so eat up!

Up until now my favorite cooking fat of choice has been butter so I decided to find different ways to add coconut oil into my diet.
There are some carbs in coconut butter, but most of it is fibre and it is great for those who do not like the texture of straight coconut oil.
Check out В these no bakeВ Low Carb Chocolate Coconut Fat Bombs (dairy free, sugar free, Paleo) over at Grass Fed Girl’s blog.

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